If the prospect excites you, my advice is to try it.

I suspect the reason you’re writing is because you find the notion of being given instructions also quite exciting. I’ve noticed this in many who have submissive inclinations, they know they’d like to do naughty things, but it’s actually being told to do so that tips them over the edge.

So, to all those in the same boat, all those who are fascinated by spankings, but who haven’t had the courage to experience it, I’m going to give you permission to experiment.

Start by reading The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking, then do the first challenge, and write down what spanking means to you. As part of this, try giving yourself a single smack. it doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to hurt. Remember, not everyone who likes spanking is a masochist. Write about the sensation, the sound the smack made, and the effect it had on you.

If you liked the experience, you can move onto the second challenge, and try a few more spanks. Build up slowly, and the subsequent challenges will encourage you to make your play more elaborate.

Go slow. Experiment. And have fun!