The taxi-pod conveys me swiftly, just one of thousands of tiny metal corpuscles skimming across the city’s asphalt veins. I’m all alone in my little speeding bubble. I remember grandad telling me how taxis used to have drivers, and how we laughed at how preposterous that all seemed. That people used to control their road vehicles by treading on pedals and turning a wheel. What were they operating? Steamships?

I often wonder what dear old grandad would make of London now, whether he’d even recognise it. The skyline now resembles a giant apothecary shelf, countless rows of colourful glass towers, like a higgledy collection of antique medicine bottles. They said The Flood would drown this city, but we just dammed the Thames and kept building higher.

And what would my dear grandfather make of my destination, I wonder? If I told him what was about to happen, would he be shocked? Or would he just bellow with laughter, with that infectious mirth of his that soon moistened the eyes of all in earshot. Would he regard my future as ridiculous as we found his past?

Because I’m on my way to be spanked. Or fucked. Or licked. Or teased and pleasured and tormented. To be honest, I’ve no idea what’s in store. But that’s all part of the fun. It’s a very 22nd century way to spend an afternoon.

My destination is Sexcapade, Inc. The pioneers of recreational sexual adventures. The business sensation of the decade, the inspiration behind a thousand meagre low-rent copycats. But none of its competitors has come close to surpassing the variety, subtlety and outrageous ingenuity that Sexcapade experiences continue to provide.

The idea behind Sexcapade is astonishingly simple: using your sexual past to inspire your sexual future. But this simple idea had to wait until the cultural climate was right, until we lost our prudishness, and finally admitted to ourselves that sexual experiences were just activities like any other in life. That great sex could be scripted, crafted, and enacted. That great sex was too important to be left to fate…

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Inevitable is, to date, my sole science fiction spanking story. Yet I wrote it with a philosophical question in mind: would we want our inner sexual desires fulfilled, even if we didn’t quite consciously know what they actually were?

In the story, there’s no questionnaires – partly because the Sexcapade institution doesn’t trust its clients to answer honestly, and partly because it doesn’t believe its clients actually know what they want. So like any good scientist, it forms hypotheses, puts them to the test, and observes.

I think we’re all like old maps, with familiar territories of experience and unexplored blank spaces of desire and fantasy. How much of your own erotic map do you think you’ve discovered?

What readers have said about this story:

“If only such a company really existed, indeed… I especially loved
this final experience – almost like a piece of performance art.”

“A brilliant concept brilliantly executed. This kept me riveted from start to finish. It’s an amazing fantasy.“

“Wow, what an erotic story! That much one-sided dialog is difficult to
maintain, but you did it superbly. I felt just like he was talking to me
and rather wished that he was.“

“Nice to read a story set in the future that isn’t dystopian. I like the
idea of technology being used for pleasure and your writing style is
wonderfully erotic. Thank you for sharing such a clever piece of

“One of the best sci-fi stories I’ve read, the future world was plausible
and coherent. Though the final experience was indeed
“inevitable”, it wasn’t predictable to me as a reader, any more than it
was to the character in the story. A great piece of erotic writing.“

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