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November 2017

Not only have i been procrastinating, but now I am also skipping class. How should i properly punish myself to change this?

This is quite unacceptable. You know how much importance I place on education and learning.

Skipping class would earn A Note From School, one for each class missed, and each offence would prompt a good hard spanking from your disciplinarian.

So, from now on, I expect that for very class missed, you’ll write a note, carry it around with you all day, and then get a hard spanking when you get home. Then you can write an apology and carry that with you to classes the next day.

And every time you procrastinate, or miss a class, you loose masturbation privileges for two further days.

That should soon put a stop to your nonsense.



How evocative!

It reminds me of a section I wrote in Sandalwood and Ginger:

My doctor was refreshingly easy company, and soon we were messing around, making up lurid backstories of our fellow partygoers. One couple in an alcove opposite us had caught my eye, one had dressed as Snow White, and the other as the Wicked Queen. Their costumes were gorgeous, Snow wore a sparkling blue corset above a chiffon gown of radiant yellow, and the Queen wore a beautiful coal black cloak over a striking violet evening down. Snow had a cherry-red bow in her hair, whilst the Queen wore a small jagged copper crown whose edges glimmered in the half-light. And both wore porcelain white face masks, which made them look like life-sized dolls.

“I bet they they have a Queening Throne at home…” I ventured.

This was my little test. A chance to discover if my dear doctor knew what I meant, to learn if a kinky mind dwelt beneath that calm professional demeanour. His immediate knowing smile told me I needn’t have worried.

“Ah yes, but who sits upon it?” he replied.

I pondered his challenge for a moment, then described what I imagined. The Wicked Queen seated imperiously, the back of her long gown hitched up at the back. I told of how Snow White would approach the dais, bowing submissively, and then kneel before the evil monarch, begging to be granted the privilege of serving her. Then suddenly Snow would be enveloped by a swirl of violet silk, and feel the heat of her Queen’s hungry pink maw against her lips.

He nodded, congratulating me on my creativity. Or perhaps it was the other way round, he suggested. The Queen had been vanquished, and Snow had claimed the throne. Every day the defeated regent would be brought from the dungeons, naked but for her chains and her chastity belt. The prisoner would be made to pay homage to the new sovereign in the most intimate possible way. And despite her innocent monicker, he suggested Snow White would demand her captive thoroughly lick her bottom before she earned the right to service her Mistress’s soaking slit.

Goodness I thought. My new friend did have a filthy imagination…

If such debauchery appeals, you can read the full story here

I’ve been super depressed lately and believe an emotional spanking would help. any advice?

I’d recommend reading this article:

And in particular, this paragraph:

Mental illness needs to be treated by professionals. Not by a play
partner. Not through sex or bondage or whipping. But some of the symptoms
of mental illness can be temporarily alleviated by certain BDSM
activities. Pain play—spanking, flogging, hot wax, etc.—provides an
endorphin rush. Bondage or confinement can make the bottom feel
incredibly euphoric, secure. The structure of a D/s dynamic can offer
someone with depression an anchor: basic goals, tasks to perform, rules
to follow. Kink, when practiced with love and trust, is deeply intimate
and centering.

If you’re seriously depressed, please do seek professional help. Spankings are fundamentally a form of play, not a treatment – providing a short-term euphoric rush that may mask, but won’t ultimately solve the underlying biochemical imbalances inside your brain.

If other readers have their own experiences with kink and depression they’d like to share, they’re very welcome to reply to this thread. And my very best wishes to all who struggle.



A spanking ghost story

A single glimpse was enough to doom me.

Yet all I did was tiptoe across the drifts of yellow fallen leaves, towards the inviting glow of hospitable light, and peek through a house’s window. 

My glimpse lasted no longer than a heartbeat.
I saw her standing beside a roaring fireplace, her hair braided in golden plaits, glimmering in the fire light, tumbling over the shoulders of her loose white nightshirt.
I glimpsed her bare bottom; captivating, beautiful, pert pink globes – with a crook-handled cane wedged between her cheeks, hitching up her nightie, exposing her to my prying eyes.

It was only the merest glance. Sudden movement drew my eye: a menacing black blur, advancing quickly. Startled, I recoiled from the window, acutely conscious I’d just seen something I was not supposed to see.

Instinctively, I turned and ran.

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Glimpse is one of my personal favourite stories. Those familiar with the Gothic style will recognise the tropes, the
pained reminiscences of a narrator, haunted by visions and tormented by
their own desires. A warning though, this is no story of cartoon ghosts,
this is a true Halloween story, as dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit…

What readers have said about this story:

“This is absolutely incredible. A wonderfully written, extremely
imaginative horror story, reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. A very creative
horror story, that just happens to feature spanking.

“This is so original, so clever, so evocative, so beyond anything that I
could write myself, that I barely know how to make a rational comment.“

“This is perhaps one of the most richly descriptive stories I’ve ever
read. And how uniquely imaginative in a very
Kafkaesque sort of way, too. It is the narrator’s own mind which sets
the trap, which is then easily and willingly fallen into; much like a
black widow spider slowly, step by step drawing in its prey until
eventually there is no escape.“

“That is a wonderfully evocative horror story, with just the right amount of hope at the end. Dark and beautiful!“

“This story has me frozen. This is a very well written horror story that
immoblizes time as well as this reader.“

“Beautifully written and utterly terrifying.“

“A wonderfully well written ghost story in the great tradition of the
master M R James. How appropriate for this time of year when the custom
used to be to tell each other ghost stories on a winter’s night.“

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