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December 2017

My Best Posts of the Year

With 2017 fading away like the blush on a recently smacked bottom, an opportunity to look back on my favourite posts of the year.

There were several new longform stories, including the Regency-era Pride and Obedience and the contemporary Playing Dolls. And not forgetting the concluding parts of the eagerly awaited The Sit-Down Dance. Plus several shorter stories and articles. Some treats many are yet to discover, I think.

And now let me wish you all a wonderful new year! May it be filled with bare wet slits, excited imaginations, and well-smacked bottoms…

Self-Spanking Challenges


The challenges posted so far…

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking (read this first)

Day 1 – The Fascination of Spanking

Day 2 – Choices and Consequences

Day 3 – Dressing Up

Day 4 – Anticipation

Day 5 – Cornertime

Day 6 – Alter Ego

Day 7 – Being Naughty

Day 8 – Bottom Inspection

Day 9 – Pillow Hump

Day 10 – Echoes

Day 11 – Christmas Story

Day 12 – Star in a Story

Day 13 – The Proper Way to Watch a Spanking Video

Day 14 – A Note From School

Day 15 – Fire and Ice

Interesting to see last night that even Doctor Who believes in the merits of a ‘jolly good smacked bottom‘. If you do too, you might enjoy playing these self-spanking games…

Christmas Present



There is a message within a message in every handwritten note, a subtle impression of the writer’s soul. Here, her handwriting wrote with the elegant fluency that only comes from the heart, the ebony stream flowing from her fountain pen slowly transcribing a secret she’d never ever dared reveal. How could a small rectangle of plain white card ever hope to contain something of such importance?

It made her shiver to see her secret written out so explicitly in an undulating line of black on white. It was as if her private fantasy had finally escaped from the gilded cage in which she had kept it hidden all these years. She was beginning to realise that on this little piece of card she had inscribed a magic spell, and those twenty-four words were imbued with the power to change her entire world. That was scary.

And also, she had to admit to herself, rather exciting.

Tinsel and baubles glimmered in the candlelight. She was sitting at the dining room table, alone for the evening, a chance to wrap christmas presents for the nearest and dearest. One present had particular significance, it was the one into which she’d slip the note she was writing. But only if she was bold enough.

A lump of sanded driftwood occupied the middle of the table, a platform for the tall fat candle that illuminated the room, its warm brightness complementing the colourful glow of the christmas tree fairylights. She looked into the flickering flames, turning the little card between her fingers. Over and over. Prevaricating, hesitating. Reading and re-reading what she’d written, checking the spelling, wondering if she’d said enough, or far too much, feeling the cool sharp points of the card’s crisp corners tingle her fingertips.

“My love”, it began.

“I’ve been fascinated by spanking since I was a girl.”

“I long for it, I crave it.”

“Please. Will you spank me?”

Keep reading

Christmas Present has multiple meanings in this story, a tale that tips its hat to Dickens’ inspired notion of Christmases Past, Present and Yet-To-Be. The non-linear narrative features one of my favourite protagonists – the intrepid adventurer Nancy Jones. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a story that can be enjoyed at any time of year.

What readers have said about this story:

Simply amazing: the fantasies, adolescent and grown-up, the tantalising
decision she faces, the hesitation, the sublimely naughty sex…

“What an incredibly erotic description of a critical life-changing decision: Tell all and risk all for a chance at a lifetime of spanking
bliss, or continue to live her life in the quiet frustration of
unfulfilled desire.“

“The Janus face we all carry – the calm, considered, well-behaved
surface, and the boiling, lascivious instincts underneath. The shame and
the pleasure of being unmasked; the hope that somebody will see us as
we really are – and still love us! This experience is probably common to
all humans, but nowhere more tangible than in the act of offering our
purest, softest, most vulnerable parts for punishment by the one we want
the most to honor and love us. An exquisite story, beautifully written and perfectly constructed.“

“A detective story with spanking and sex, reality and fantasy blending into an exciting mixture. A real Christmas treat!“

“I’m sure the adolescent girl inside every woman identifies with that teen detective, dreaming of
exploring and having adventures. This is your sexiest story yet, quite

What do you think?

Wishing you all a very enjoyable holiday, and I hope you receive that Christmas Present you crave…

Sandalwood and Ginger



– from the festively naughty story Sandalwood and Ginger

‘tis the season to compile naughty lists, after all…

I received a poor final grade. My grade is fine, but I could have done better. How should i punish myself?

I’m glad to hear you appreciate you could have done better. I set high standards, and I respect those who set the highest expectations for themselves.

Clearly, the most appropriate consequence of a disappointing grade would be A Note From School.

Write a note, perhaps describing where you fell short and how you could do better. Make it constructive, practical advice. Then you can put it in a sealed envelope and carry it about with you. A continuing reminder of your aspirations to do better.

And, of course, any student bringing home a note from school might very well expect a spanked bottom when they get home. Several spankings even. But I’m sure you’ll use your cornertime constructively, vowing to improve as you stand there with your pink cheeks on display…



A spanking story

The schoolgirls wearily traipsed through time.

They’d begun in ancient Assyria, bright-eyed and fizzing with eagerness, gazing upward with wonder at the monumental winged bulls at the entrance to the British Museum. They are called Lamassu, their teacher explained, sixteen tons of alabaster, hewn almost three thousand years ago, and exquisitely sculpted into a fantastical creatures.

These strange beasts had been buried for millennia, as a succession of mighty empires had risen, fought and crumbled on the sands above them. Now a new empire had uncovered and claimed the statues, and its unimaginable modern magic had transported the immense monuments over land and sea to the imperial metropolis of London.

The girls continued meandering through history, passing the spooky sarcophagi and cryptic carvings of ancient Egypt. Onwards to stare at cases of the slightly more comprehensible domestic pottery of ancient Greece. Until finally the grey-skirted stream of girls had ebbed into Roman times, feet scuffing, heels dragging. Behind teacher’s back, yawns were being stifled, and there were outbreaks of sniggering and nudging when artefacts with willies were sighted.

Yet through the dozy fug of her torpor, something nearby caught Jenny’s eye. She stopped and squinted into the brightly lit case as her classmates milled around her. Inside was what looked like a thin leather strap, discoloured black and desiccated by age. Had the object been intact it would have been as long as her forearm, but instead it lay broken in 4 unequal lengths.

Curiosity piqued, her eyes scanned the caption card beside it.

Leather (likely goat hide)  ~140 BC.
Found: Tiburi (now Tivoli), central Italy, 1855.
“Believed to be a flogging whip, intended for the purification and fertility rites of the festival of Lupercalia. Celebrated annually, beginning on the Ides (the 13th) and climaxing on the 15th of February, these purgative rituals held such significance in the Roman calendar that the month of Februarius was named after them. Although Lupercalia was a fertility rite, scholars believe its proximity to the contemporary St Valentine’s Day (the 14th) is purely coincidental.”

Jenny quivered. Recently, she’d become a reluctant expert on the subject of flogging. Only yesterday she’d neglected to do her Latin homework, and been kept behind after school to finish it. School rules were absolutely clear. Any pupil who missed an assignment would complete her work sitting on a sore spanked bottom…

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Lupercalia is a spanking story about history, traditions, folklore and deep time.

We might think of ourselves as being the most open-minded, most progressive and most sexually permissive generation in human history, but we too easily forget we are the echoes of generations long past. That our ancestors were sexual beings, with erotic imaginations just as sophisticated as ourselves. And over the long arc of human history, culture has swung between repressive sexual conservatism and permissiveness.

This story looks back over two thousand years, to the era of the Roman Republic, and a celebration of sexuality and flagellation that rather unexpectedly, continues to resonate into the present day. And for those who regret the absence of the phallic ritual today, you can always recreate it. Haven’t you always wanted to be spanked and climax whilst gasping out Latin?

What readers have said about this story:

“Yesterday I made the poor choice of reading your Lupercalia story in a
study period class. Silly me, by the end I’d soiled my panties! Oops!
It was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m in complete awe; it
was beautifully written.”

“Lupercalia was phenomenal! It made me soak my panties!“

“I was soon head over heels, completely immersed within the story. I
pictured myself running through the streets away from the ‘wolves’,
dripping from the excitement of being pursued, imagining a well-muscled,
naked man panting just behind me. I ran and ran, until inevitably I was
caught, pinned down like the prey I am, my clothing ripped from my body
before a hard spanking, his hands wandering my body before taking me
right there in the open.“

“I first read Lupercalia in public, getting wetter and wetter as I sat, surrounded by people,
trying so hard not to squirm or draw attention to myself. Once I’d
finished, I did something I’d never risked
doing before. I went to the nearest loo, locked myself in a cubicle, spread my
legs and played there and then.  It wasn’t the usual slow, sensual play.  It
was the rushed, feverish play of a naughty girl so so desperate to
come.  I needed to so badly, that I wouldn’t have cared if someone had
heard me gasping and coming right there.“

What do you think?

After reading fire and ice, I realized that a spanking on such wet panties after the ice cube melted would surely have a more intense sting. Do you have other suggestions for spankings on wet panties (besides wetting yourself, for those of us not fond of that)?

If you’d rather not wet your panties, I’d suggest putting on a bikini or swimming costume and getting into a nice warm bath. Keep a spanking implement nearby, you’ll be needing it soon.

As you soak, you can begin to fantasise about whatever turns you on. Perhaps you’re luxuriating in an garden swimming pool, waiting for your disciplinarian to come home. Waiting for the moment when you’re summoned from the water to bend over, still dripping, and then be spanked on your wet bottom.

Or perhaps you’re in the sea, on a beautiful empty beach with a lover. Your playful splashes are met with a strong arm around your waist, lifting your bottom clear of the water, for a good spanking.

Or perhaps you picture yourself in a school swimming pool. and the gym mistress has caught you touching yourself. So she leads you by the wrist to the changing room, and spanks you as drip.

Or it’s a hot summer day, and you’ve defied school rules to visit the nearby lake. You’ve stripped down to just your school knickers, and plunged into the cool illicit waters. But now you’ve been caught, and that means a good hard spanking on your wet knickers before you’re sent back to classes.

Whatever fantasy you choose, when the time comes for your punishment, get up from the bath, and bend over. Now, give yourself the spanking you deserve on your wet swimming costume. Of course, you could pull down your wet garment and just spank your bare wet cheeks, but damp clothing will stay wetter for longer than bare skin, allowing you to savour the additional sting and louder smacks unique to a good hard wet bottom spanking…


Self-Spanking Challenge #15: Fire and Ice

The 15th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 15

Contrasting sensations can amplify each other. Pain and pleasure. Silence and noise. Hot and cold. You’ll be familiar with the hot ache of arousal, and the fiery stinging heat of a good hard spanking, so in this challenge you’re going to couple that warmth with a completely different sensation, the seasonally-appropriate, cool numbing chill of ice…

To begin, make some ice cubes. Put a tray into the fridge if you haven’t any ready, and wait for them to freeze. Then put them into a bowl of water, which will help take off the frost and melt away any sharp edges.

If you’re playing in your bedroom, put a towel or two on your bed to keep your covers dry.

The idea of this challenge is to alternate between spankings and ice play. For instance, you might begin by circling your breasts, watching as you make your nipples harden. Follow it up with a series of spanks to warm up your bottom.

Then lie down and nestle an ice cube in little dimple of your belly button. Your job is to make sure it doesn’t slide off. A test of your self-control as you feel the ice begin to melt, its cool water dribbling down your heated skin.

Follow this with another quick spanking. Extra hard if you let the ice cube slip.

Then try pulling down your panties and placing an ice cube in the gusset. Then slowly, pull your panties up. Where will you feel the chill nip of the ice? On your bottom hole, your perineum? Boys might feel it against their balls, or the base of the cock. Girls might feel it slip between their lips, or numbing the hot little bulb of their clit.

Pull your panties up until they’re tight and snug against your crotch, leave them in position for a minute, whilst the ice chills and melts, as you feel the trickle of meltwater soaking your panties, mingling with your own arousal. In effect, this a variation of Ups and Downs, where you’re pulling your underwear up and down until the ice is completely melted. And when the ice is gone it’s time for your spanking.

You may have your spanking on your cold wet panties, or you can take them off and have your bottom smacked bare. Either way, aim for a good thorough bottom warming.

When your bottom is hot and pink, get another ice cube to cool it down. To avoid numbing your fingers, you might want to hold the ice cube with a cloth or flannel. Trace the ice across your cheeks, paradoxically you may feel your bottom getting hotter, as the bitter cold is interpreted by the nerve endings in your skin as a burning sensation. You may feel the muscles of your vagina and anus involuntarily clench, hard…

Carry on rubbing the ice around your bottom, until the ice begins to feel soothing and cooling. Roam beyond where you were spanked, rub the ice along the crevice of your bottom, and out to the area of your inner thighs. Pay special attention to the crease of skin where your thigh meets your hip.

Girls might like to move upwards to rub the ice across the public mound. Then downwards, stroking it either side of the slit and the hood of the clitoris. Boys might like to trace the ice along the shaft of the cock, before circling the glans. You might also want to try circling the ice around your bottom hole…

And more adventurous players seeking truly fiery sensations, might like to combine their ice play with some ginger.

If, after the chilling caress of ice, you feel you need to warm your bottom up again, you may bend over for another spanking. You can write your report sitting on a hot bottom, or a cold one, the choice is up to you.

Once you’ve finished writing, you might like to post your experiences on your blog. How did you play with the ice, and how would you describe the sensations? And how did it feel in conjunction with the hot stinging heat of a spanking?

If you post your write-up, don’t forget to add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge15

As I’m writing this, it’s snowing outside, in big fluffy drifting flakes. But it’s toasty and delightfully cosy inside. Sometimes we need the cold to properly appreciate the glorious heat of a glowing fire…


Kelly Jo really enjoys getting her bottom temperature taken. Every time the cool glass thermometer bulb penetrates her sensitive pink rosebud, she lets out a tiny whimper and slightly rotates her pelvis. It’s extremely difficult to maintain professional decorum with the girls who seem to overly enjoy their school health sessions. I believe some of the girls’ first orgasms have been right here in this office. I pretend to be oblivious to their behaviors, so some put on quite the extravagant yet “subtle” show just to attempt to pry my attention.

I know bottom inspections are a hugely evocative fantasy for a large number of my readers. If that includes you, I’m delighted to introduce for your erotic pleasure the wonderful work of @victimofcircuspants. I do hope their future illustrations will include some well-spanked bottoms. Do show your support and encourage the creation of original content. Bravo!

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