Kelly Jo really enjoys getting her bottom temperature taken. Every time the cool glass thermometer bulb penetrates her sensitive pink rosebud, she lets out a tiny whimper and slightly rotates her pelvis. It’s extremely difficult to maintain professional decorum with the girls who seem to overly enjoy their school health sessions. I believe some of the girls’ first orgasms have been right here in this office. I pretend to be oblivious to their behaviors, so some put on quite the extravagant yet “subtle” show just to attempt to pry my attention.

I know bottom inspections are a hugely evocative fantasy for a large number of my readers. If that includes you, I’m delighted to introduce for your erotic pleasure the wonderful work of @victimofcircuspants. I do hope their future illustrations will include some well-spanked bottoms. Do show your support and encourage the creation of original content. Bravo!