The 15th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 15

Contrasting sensations can amplify each other. Pain and pleasure. Silence and noise. Hot and cold. You’ll be familiar with the hot ache of arousal, and the fiery stinging heat of a good hard spanking, so in this challenge you’re going to couple that warmth with a completely different sensation, the seasonally-appropriate, cool numbing chill of ice…

To begin, make some ice cubes. Put a tray into the fridge if you haven’t any ready, and wait for them to freeze. Then put them into a bowl of water, which will help take off the frost and melt away any sharp edges.

If you’re playing in your bedroom, put a towel or two on your bed to keep your covers dry.

The idea of this challenge is to alternate between spankings and ice play. For instance, you might begin by circling your breasts, watching as you make your nipples harden. Follow it up with a series of spanks to warm up your bottom.

Then lie down and nestle an ice cube in little dimple of your belly button. Your job is to make sure it doesn’t slide off. A test of your self-control as you feel the ice begin to melt, its cool water dribbling down your heated skin.

Follow this with another quick spanking. Extra hard if you let the ice cube slip.

Then try pulling down your panties and placing an ice cube in the gusset. Then slowly, pull your panties up. Where will you feel the chill nip of the ice? On your bottom hole, your perineum? Boys might feel it against their balls, or the base of the cock. Girls might feel it slip between their lips, or numbing the hot little bulb of their clit.

Pull your panties up until they’re tight and snug against your crotch, leave them in position for a minute, whilst the ice chills and melts, as you feel the trickle of meltwater soaking your panties, mingling with your own arousal. In effect, this a variation of Ups and Downs, where you’re pulling your underwear up and down until the ice is completely melted. And when the ice is gone it’s time for your spanking.

You may have your spanking on your cold wet panties, or you can take them off and have your bottom smacked bare. Either way, aim for a good thorough bottom warming.

When your bottom is hot and pink, get another ice cube to cool it down. To avoid numbing your fingers, you might want to hold the ice cube with a cloth or flannel. Trace the ice across your cheeks, paradoxically you may feel your bottom getting hotter, as the bitter cold is interpreted by the nerve endings in your skin as a burning sensation. You may feel the muscles of your vagina and anus involuntarily clench, hard…

Carry on rubbing the ice around your bottom, until the ice begins to feel soothing and cooling. Roam beyond where you were spanked, rub the ice along the crevice of your bottom, and out to the area of your inner thighs. Pay special attention to the crease of skin where your thigh meets your hip.

Girls might like to move upwards to rub the ice across the public mound. Then downwards, stroking it either side of the slit and the hood of the clitoris. Boys might like to trace the ice along the shaft of the cock, before circling the glans. You might also want to try circling the ice around your bottom hole…

And more adventurous players seeking truly fiery sensations, might like to combine their ice play with some ginger.

If, after the chilling caress of ice, you feel you need to warm your bottom up again, you may bend over for another spanking. You can write your report sitting on a hot bottom, or a cold one, the choice is up to you.

Once you’ve finished writing, you might like to post your experiences on your blog. How did you play with the ice, and how would you describe the sensations? And how did it feel in conjunction with the hot stinging heat of a spanking?

If you post your write-up, don’t forget to add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge15

As I’m writing this, it’s snowing outside, in big fluffy drifting flakes. But it’s toasty and delightfully cosy inside. Sometimes we need the cold to properly appreciate the glorious heat of a glowing fire…