If you’d rather not wet your panties, I’d suggest putting on a bikini or swimming costume and getting into a nice warm bath. Keep a spanking implement nearby, you’ll be needing it soon.

As you soak, you can begin to fantasise about whatever turns you on. Perhaps you’re luxuriating in an garden swimming pool, waiting for your disciplinarian to come home. Waiting for the moment when you’re summoned from the water to bend over, still dripping, and then be spanked on your wet bottom.

Or perhaps you’re in the sea, on a beautiful empty beach with a lover. Your playful splashes are met with a strong arm around your waist, lifting your bottom clear of the water, for a good spanking.

Or perhaps you picture yourself in a school swimming pool. and the gym mistress has caught you touching yourself. So she leads you by the wrist to the changing room, and spanks you as drip.

Or it’s a hot summer day, and you’ve defied school rules to visit the nearby lake. You’ve stripped down to just your school knickers, and plunged into the cool illicit waters. But now you’ve been caught, and that means a good hard spanking on your wet knickers before you’re sent back to classes.

Whatever fantasy you choose, when the time comes for your punishment, get up from the bath, and bend over. Now, give yourself the spanking you deserve on your wet swimming costume. Of course, you could pull down your wet garment and just spank your bare wet cheeks, but damp clothing will stay wetter for longer than bare skin, allowing you to savour the additional sting and louder smacks unique to a good hard wet bottom spanking…