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January 2018

The Discovery – Modified


@spankingtheatre has devised yet another saucy collaborative writing challenge. His work is always rather inspiring, so I thought I might take a stab at this one as well 🙂

Please enjoy!


The room was dim. A few scented candles were scattered across the room, and their cozy light flickered, casting shadows onto the lithe figures of the two occupants lounging across an almost unreasonably large bed. The artistically woven wrought iron bed frame cast shadows on the wall, and faint music wafted through the room.

“This is very naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

Rolling on to my side, I peeked over at her, a lazy smile spreading across my face.

Earlier, when I entered her room, the warm scent of bergamot and sandalwood gently tickled my nose. Half amused, I took note of the ambience and vaguely wondered what mischief we would be getting up to tonight.

I heard her lyrical voice drift from her bathroom, inviting me to make myself comfortable. Dropping my bag at the door, I slowly slipped my shirt off.

I couldn’t help but grin. I always knew she was up to something when those candles were lit. It appeared she had changed her mind about helping me cram one final time before taking my graduate school entrance exams tomorrow morning.

“You do know what would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

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The latest interactive discipline prompt has inspired some wonderful stories, and this gem from @never-been-spanked continues the extremely high standard of contributions.

I loved the sexual intrigue the story describes, the erotic explorations of two girls, both of whom clearly have their own secret sexual ambitions. Here what gives the jeopardy its zest is that it’s not about breaking institutional rules, but the prospect of suddenly having your deepest fantasies revealed, of having one’s carefully curated social mask removed, and being powerless to stop it. Very hot indeed.

If other readers would like to try creating their own story, just copy the text of original template, add your own words and repost. Here’s the background explained. Why not give it a try?​

The Discovery


(Another co-operative, interactive writing adventure with the lovely @spankingtheatre, who is an inspiration as always.)

“This is very naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

‘Mmm hmm,’ I purred lazily. My eyes closed of their own accord as I pulled the young man in my arms even closer. The hand currently resting on his lower back slipped just inside the waistband of his boxers. All the better for me to feel the smooth skin underneath.

I say young man, but he was definitely old enough. Although the fact he was of-age didn’t change the fact that I was his professor. Technically, I shouldn’t BE in his bed, in his dormitory, but it was Sunday afternoon and the other young men that shared his room were currently occupied elsewhere. As long as I kept an eye on the time, we were safe enough. There is no way I would take an uncalculated risk that would jeopardise the most precious thing in the world to me.

“You do know what would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

Of course I knew. I knew only all too well. But that wasn’t about to deter me from taking my pleasure where and when I could. It had been all too scant for me in the past, but this new relationship made me hopeful that my fortunes had finally changed for the better.

I had remained silent with my musings. He continued on.

“We would be spanked for sure! On our bare bottoms!”

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Another treat! This is a wonderful piece of writing from the talented mind of @mrs-actor-agent-of-change. I loved the interplay between the two characters, and the ambiguity of their predicament. How she cleverly reverses the roles, allowing the reader a glimpse into the mind of a character who at first seems like a domme, but who we later discover might actually be a switch. Her spanking of her young male lover was particularly hot, one I’m sure will excite those who harbour strict femdom fantasies. A tremendous piece of work.

If other readers would like to try creating their own story, just copy the text of original template, add your own words and repost. Here’s the background explained. Why not give it a try?​

Making my own Chastity Belt


An anonymous reader writes:

I am a terrible procrastinator. I am confident that I would not be the first to suggest that I actually am a very good procrastinator as I seem to lean directly into it. I have found that I must employ a reward scenario to encourage the completion of my chores, however, because I have so often avoided responsibility, I feel it is important to add elements of discipline and punishment.  Today, I have a small list of chores, the last one being that I must write this, a detailed account of my disciplinary methods, for you.

To begin, I must insert a plug into my bottom. This particular implement is being used as I am often in need of a reminder that only well-behaved girls receive pleasure in their cunts. I have not yet earned that right. To return to the plug, it is the Goldilocks sized – neither too big, nor too small. Its bulb is 1 ¾ inches in diameter and is not meant for long term wearing. Rather, it is intended for dilation. It provides a full and open feeling physically (and a naughty, slightly humiliating feeling mentally), therefore, as the sphincter is being stretched, my muscles can not hold it in place.

To combat this, I have employed three leather belts to ensure that the plug stays firmly in place for the duration of my chores. And that my wandering fingers are kept well away. In effect, I have created my very own chastity belt. The belts are used thusly:

The first is secured tightly around my waist.

The second is looped in the back through its own buckle around the first. It passes through my legs, snugly against the plug and through my pussy, up again to pass up and over the first belt at my waist. It is important at this time to ensure that the labia majora are splayed firmly apart to ensure maximum contact with my delicate folds and my clitoris. Like so…

The third belt is then affixed around my waist, just beneath the first. Its role is to ensure my movements to not allow the vertical belt to slip and allow for relief from the pressure on the plug and against my clit.

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On her wonderful blog, naughty @littlemisssubshine is inviting readers to submit their own suggestions for some humiliating tasks. So here’s one that she, and other readers here, might enjoy:

  • Shave yourself bare.
  • Make yourself a chastity belt, as described in the post above.
  • Put it on, nice and tight.
  • Then wear it out in public under a skirt or jeans. No panties, of course.
  • Then on your return, before you’re release, sit down with belt still tight.
  • Now write about your experience, and publish it for all to see.

The Discovery


Half of this story was written by @spankingtheatre, as an interactive discipline story. He has written everything in italics, inviting us to write the other half of the story. My writing is in bold.

In my story, a young professor, new to the academy, has begun a secret rendezvous with a student. And while it begins fun and sexy, it quickly turns dark as the young girl sets him up, not listening to his protests and disregarding his authority. In my opinion, this girl needs a serious caning.

“This is very naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

“Yes, well, you know we could get in very real trouble over this. I’m a new professor in this academy, I don’t have much pull with the headmaster.”

“You do know what would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

“You’d probably be expelled… I’d be fired. Made a mockery. The headmaster would make sure that I never teach again…”

“We would be spanked for sure! On our bare bottoms!”

“Silly girl… only students are spanked. And you’d be damn grateful if a spanking was your only reprimand. You know the rules in this academy.”

“Does that thought appeal or arouse you?”

“You being spanked? Well, I must admit yes, it does. It’s one of the reasons I applied for the position at this school. I love administering spankings, as well as watching naughty girls like yourself receive them. You all try to squirm away from the swats, but the wetness you leave behind on my leg gives you away.”

“I have to confess, the thought of being caught and spanked really turns me on.”

“You should be thinking about repentance, young lady. Not about pleasing that silly little cunt of yours.”

“You’re curious too, aren’t you?”

“I’m curious to see what you look like when you’re spanked… I bet it’s a treat to watch.”

“Do you want me to show you what happens?”

“I would delight in a demonstration.”

“Sit down on the edge of the bed then.”

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This is a marvellous work courtesy of the lovely @littlemisssubshine. I love how she cleverly subverts the reader’s expectations, reversing the roles, transforming dialogue which sounds like it should be spoken submissively into a particularly erotic powerplay. It’s delightful to see such imaginative writing, one that both surprises and delights.

If other readers would like to try creating their own story, just copy the text of original template, add your own words and repost. Here’s the background explained. Why not give it a try?​

I loved Carrot and Stick! Will there ever be a sequel?

Sometimes I do return to older stories, and carry on the tale. The Sit-Down Dance was a tremendously satisfying continuation of Punishment Panties, a world I greatly enjoyed revisiting.

I wonder, what aspects of that story did you find so enjoyable that you’d love to see it continued?

Was it the characters? Or the bottom whacking rod? Or just the Daddy and Little Girl roleplay? Or perhaps the excruciatingly arousing intimate inspections?

You never know…


Oh my Lord yes.  Pussy torture + objectification = exactly how much wet, helpless arousal?

Take a seat, young lady.

On your sore, spanked bottom.

That’s it…

Ease yourself onto my cruel intrusion.

That stretches your slit, the further you slip.

Hands behind your back, cuffed to the rail.

Legs spread wide, cuffed to the base.

Helpless on my naughty chair.

Just what a naughty girl deserves.

Yet, how agonisingly arousing.

How you squirm, as I stroke your hair.

And cup your breasts.

As I whisper my infernal intentions.

And watch your precious juices seep into the gutter.

Until… at last… a drip will fall…


Dialogue #2: The Discovery

Back by popular demand! This is my half of a brand new interactive discipline story, written from a single character’s point of view. The idea being that you can copy this text into a new post, write your half of the story, and publish your own spanking story. Full instructions are here, and examples of what readers have created from the previous prompt are here.

Notes: I’ve deliberately left the gender of the two characters undefined, so readers can choose what combination works best for themselves. The gender of the disciplinarian is also left ambiguous so you can choose your own antagonist – a Mummy or Daddy, a governess, a strict uncle, a nun, a headmaster or headmistress – or whoever else features in your fantasies…

The Discovery

“This is very naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

“You do know what would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

“We would be spanked for sure! On our bare bottoms!”

“Does that thought appal or arouse you?”

“I have to confess, the thought of being caught and spanked really turns me on.”

“You’re curious too, aren’t you?”

“Do you want me to show you what happens?”

“Sit down on the edge of the bed then.”

“Now beckon me towards your lap and scold me, tell me how very naughty I’ve been.”

“Ooo yes, so stern and strict! I do like that.”

“Now, pull down my panties.”

“Eeek! Now I’m completely bare and exposed. Tell me off for covering myself, tell me to move my hands away.”

“The embarrassment! Now you can see how excited I am!”

“Tell me I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom.”

“Tell me to bend over.”

“Do you like having my poor little bottom at your mercy?”

“Now raise your palm high, and smack my naughty bum.”

“Oh my goodness! And again.”

“You’re so strict! Have you given many spankings?”

“Ooo, yes. I’ve been so very naughty.”

“Oh my…”

“My poor little bottom must be so hot and pink!”

“Thank you for disciplining me.”

“That was amazing, you’re a wonderful spanker!”

“Now, I’ve got a special treat for you too!”

“Perhaps you’ll allow me to undress you too?”

“There we go, both completely naked now. Looks like you found smacking my bottom quite exciting too.”

“Lie back on the bed, please.”

“I want to tie you up. That OK?”

“Hands above your head on the bedframe, please. Put your wrists together so I can bind them.”

“Now legs wide apart. Feet to the corners of the bed. I’ve a couple of scarves here to tie your ankles.”

“My goodness. What a beautiful view. All spread open and at my mercy.”

“Now, let me join you.”

“The 69 position is the perfect way to say thank you for a spanking. You get to see what you’ve done to my poor bottom up close, and kiss it all better.”

“And I get to say thank you between your legs.”

“Oh yes, just there…”

“Mmmm. So good…”

“But I do have a confession to make…”

“But first, I’m just going to get up, and unlock our door.”

“What if we’re discovered? Well, funny you should say that. I suppose you’d better climax quietly.”

“There back in position, do keep licking as I explain.”

“I’m afraid I’ve done something very, very naughty…”

“Before we started playing, I asked for a visit to my room. The time I gave is fast approaching, so I expect we’ll be caught with our tongues between each other’s legs some time in the next 10 minutes.”

“No point in struggling, I’ve tied you up perfectly tight.”

“We will of course, have to be severely dealt with.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we were immediately bent over the bottom of the bed!”

“How do you think we’ll be spanked?”

“Slippered? Strapped? Whacked with the cane?”

“No, I can’t let you go now, have you any idea how long I’ve been planning this?”

“Do you think we’ll be spanked together, or will have to take turns? One of us bending over the bottom of the bed, staring between the other’s legs as they’re punished? Or maybe you’ll be lying on your back like you are now, hands still tied to the frame, but with me holding your legs up.”

“Maybe you’ll get extra when they see you’ve already spanked my poor little bottom!”

“Perhaps we’ll even be made to spank each other! Just imagine that!”

“I’d have to spank you very hard, of course. And I expect you’d do just the same to me, since I’ve gotten you into so much trouble!”

“Shall I keep licking? Would you like me to make you come just as the door swings open, just as we’re discovered?”

“Perhaps you’d like to be caught with your own mouth full, with your tongue pushing against my bottom hole?”

“I think I hear footsteps coming…”

“So very, very close…”

“We’re so very, very naughty…”

“Oh my…”

Now, just copy this to a new post, write your half of the story, tag @spankingtheatre and post!

How to set up a whacking rod

A reader recently wrote in to say that they liked the self-administered whacking rod described in the story Carrot and Stick, but was having trouble picturing how it worked in practice, and asked for a diagram.

To recap, a whacking rod is thin springy rod that you can use to give yourself a good spanking. As their cross-section is much smaller, they’re much quieter and discreet than slippers and hairbrushes – an important consideration if you’ve family or housemates nearby.

You need a rod springy enough to place
against your bottom, which then can be pulled back and released to
deliver a hard enough whack. Fibre-glass is springier than rattan, so
better for self-spanking. Online sex toy companies sell good fibre-glass
canes and riding crops. But for a cheaper option, you can also buy
smooth round-section fibre-glass and carbon-fibre rods from well-stocked
craft and model shops. Try googling, you’ll see what’s sold. Various
diameters are available, the wider the rod, the stingier the whack will be. Why
not try before you buy, just pull the rod back a little and let it smack into
your palm.

Once you have your rod, find somewhere to position
it. You want to wedge one end of the rod into a little gap at just below
waist height, and perpendicular to the gap, so you can bend over in front of it. This is the arrangement described towards the end of Carrot and Stick.

And yes, thanks to your fellow readers’ generosity, I do have some pictures to illustrate good positioning. The first pair come from the marvellously ingenious @never-been-spanked, who demonstrates how to place a thin riding crop (available from most good adult stores) in the gap of a closet/cupboard door:


key is finding the right position for the rod, it should be wedged
tight and shouldn’t rattle. The best way to do this is to wrap the cane
with something like a flannel or a t-shirt, which will wedge it firmly in place. If
you’ve done it right, it should be virtually silent, with just a lovely
faint swicking sound when you pull it back and release it.

Once the rod is firmly held, then you can pull the rod back like this:


See how much it bends back?

Now all you need to do is bend over in front of the rod (imagine
yourself on the left hand side of the image above). Then reach behind,
pull the rod backwards, and let go… 

The gap between an interior door and the jamb (its frame) is also a good location.
If the rod is too thick to allow the door to close, you can always prop
the door with a heavy item like a chair so the door doesn’t move. As seen in the following picture, generously donated by @littlemisssubshine:


Here the leather frond of the crop
is poked through the crack of the open door, with the fatter handle placed in the crack between door and frame. The door can then be closed so the crop is jammed in position. As the door isn’t fully closed, she used some weights to hold the door
in place, so it would hold steady and keep the grip the crop. If you do adopt this method, be aware that door frames tend to be made of softer wood, so wedging something in the gap might leave a dent. To avoid this, best wrap the handle with a towel of something similar.

For best results, you should spend some time getting into the mood for your spanking, and imagine the circumstances of your punishment. Several
of my friends have related how they like to dress up in school uniform
and watch videos of classroom canings, before its time to take their own turn.
Bending over in front of their own cane, lifting their skirts and
pulling down their panties, feeling the cane resting against their bare
bottoms. Then pulling it back, letting go, and a moment later – feeling
the whack, and a stinging stripe across their cheeks.

I know many readers crave the satisfaction of a warm, stinging, well-smacked
bottom, but lack someone to give it to them. If you want to experiment with spanking, a whacking rod that you can conceal, and
quickly set up in the privacy of your own bedroom, might be just the
implement you need…

What are you waiting for?

Bend over.

Do you enjoy the Daddy kink? And do any of your stories sway towards it?

I enjoy all kinds of roleplay, from stern headmasters and doctors to aristocratic disciplinarians. I’ve even played at being a headmistress too, which is a lot of fun. So yes, I do enjoy playing a strict Daddy who believes in smacked bottoms for naughty little girls.

Of my stories, Carrot and Stick describes a couple where he plays the Daddy. The intro to that story has her masturbating in bed, imagining she was a little girl who was spanked at school. Sandalwood and Ginger describes the development of a similar relationship.

There are hints of Mummy and Daddy disciplinarians in some of my other stories too, but I’ll leave you to discover them

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