Thank you dear reader, for a absolutely wonderful suggestion.

I happened to send your question to a few of my friends, and they thought the notion
of a story that was solely a lecture was such a good idea they
literally begged me to write it.

So I did. I wrote a one-sided
first-person dialogue, describing a ongoing scene of punishment and
humiliation. I called it ‘The Lecture‘. And then I circulated the final draft
among a few friends and fellow writers, and asked: what do you think of

As it happened, everyone loved it.

All reported they
found it intensely arousing. They told me by leaving out the spankee’s
dialogue, it made space for their own imagination to vividly fill in the
blank spaces. They told me it made the story even more immersive, that it
made them feel as if they were being scolded personally.

Then, one of my friends asked:
what if she was to write the other half of the story? What if it was turned into a scene of interactive discipline?

I told her immediately: I
thought that was a fantastic idea. Because it wasn’t just her who could
write her own side of the story, any reader could write about how
they interpreted the scene, how it played out in their own individual imaginations.

I’ve now posted the story, so if you’d like take part and
create your own personalised work of interactive discipline, here’s
what you should do.

1. Copy the text of the story into a brand
new text post. You’ll notice that apart from the first line, it’s
written in the 1st person, from the perspective of the spanker, as if
the spankee is silent. Your challenge is to put yourself in her shoes,
and give her a voice!

2. Write the other half the story from the
spankee’s perspective. A response to each line in the story. This might be a spoken reply, or just what your character is feeling. It might even be something atmospheric, a sound, a
smell or a glance. Each line you write will be interleaved with the
original dialogue (you could format it in italics if it helps).

When you’ve finished, post your own variation of the lecture to your
own blog. Mention @spankingtheatre, and I’ll reblog them. And tag it
with #InteractiveDiscipline so other readers can find and enjoy your

And if there’s demand for more, I pledge to write more interactive discipline stories in the future…