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The Lecture

The silence was broken by two weak, hesitant knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

“Ah, all dressed up in your school uniform, like a naughty little girl.”

“Head up, girl. I’m not talking from your feet. Stand up straight.”

“You know how naughty girls are punished in this school?”

“Yes, young lady. And how are they spanked?”

“That’s right, naughty girls have their panties pulled right down, and get a good hard spanking on their bare bottoms.”

“Take off your skirt. Fold it neatly. Place it on the table.”

“Pull down your panties.”

“All the way down. Take them off. Give them to me.”

“What’s this, girl? You’ve made a mess in them! Obviously you find a visit to be disciplined exciting. Dirty little minx.”

“Open wide, girl. There, you can keep your soiled panties in your mouth.”

“Much better. Gagged with your own sticky knickers.”

“Legs apart. You know your bare slit has to be inspected before punishment.”

“Good. Bare and smooth. And very wet.”

“Now go and stand beside the spanking chair.”

“Hands on your head.”

“Not so wilful and cheeky now, are we, young lady?”

“A scolding beside the spanking chair, about to get a good whacking on your bare bottom.”

“My goodness, your face has flushed quite pink. Your pretty little bum is going to be a similar shade very soon.”

“You remember my leather spanking slipper. Just the thing for naughty schoolgirls.”

“Bend over my lap, young lady…”

“That’s it, legs spread apart. Hands on the floor.”

“You are a very… very… naughty girl.”

“You deserve a good… long… slippering.”

“I don’t want to see your feet kicking, young lady.”

“How does it feel to be getting spanked like a silly little girl.”

“This naughty bum is turning a lovely shade of pink.”

“Let’s pause for a moment, so I can inspect you.”

“Lie still whilst I spread your bottom cheeks.”

“You do have a warm bum!”

“What a pretty little hole. Do you find this humiliating, young lady, having your bottom examined?”

“And I see your pretty little slit is glistening. Are you enjoying your punishment? You are a naughty girl!”

“Let’s carry on.”

“A good hard whacking is just what you deserve, young lady.”

“You know I have to be very strict.”

“Spanked like a schoolgirl over my knee.”

“A good old-fashioned bottom warming.”

am glad I put those panties in your mouth. Good girls should take their
spankings with decorum, without silly begging and pleading.”

“A dozen more…”

“That’s it, good girl.”

“You may stand up now, but no rubbing…”

“Now go stand with your nose in the corner.”

“Reach behind, and hold your spanked cheeks apart. Wider, please. You know naughty girls expose their bottom holes.”

“I hope that’s not a pout on your face, young lady…”

“How embarrassing that must be, on display, holding your sore pink bottom open.”

“Did you just stomp your foot, young lady?!”

“Clearly you still haven’t learnt your lesson. But I’ve just the cure for petulant little girls.”

“Keep that nose in the corner, and your bottom open. I don’t want to see you turning around.”

“Come here girl!”

“Shoes and socks off.”

“Now, I’ve a nice fresh pair of punishment panties for you. Step into them, and I’ll pull them up, nice and tight.”

“That’s it, nice and tight between your slit.”

“I don’t want to hear any whining, young lady.”

you notice that hook on the wall? Perhaps I’ll take you over there, and
lift you up, and hang you up by your punishment panties.”

“Such wide eyes. Don’t shake your head at me, young lady. I’m the one in charge.”

“It’s so cute when you think you get to have a choice.”

“Up we get. See how easily I can pick you up.”

“There we go, hooked into the back of your panties.”

“Now I can leave you to dangle by your panties.”

“If you struggle, they’ll only pull tighter!”

“I’m sure you can feel the rubbing fabric hot against your bottom hole now.”

“You’re going to have such a sore pink stripe between your legs when I’ve finished with you, aren’t you?”

“How cute you are, dangling by your panties, whimpering on your panty gag.”

“I’m greatly looking forward to pulling down your punishment panties and inspecting your sore messy slit.”

“You can kick your little legs all you want, young lady, but I’m leaving you to dangle.”

“Perhaps I’ll put this little potty underneath you.”

“Now you can dangle there until you wet yourself.”

“It’s no use, girl, your panties are too tight to permit your fingers any relief.”

“Have you learned your lesson? Are you going to be a good girl?”

“This is what happens to naughty girls in this school.”

“I think I’ll just stand here and watch you kick your little feet as your panties dig deeper.”

“Are you close to wetting yourself?”

“No, young lady, you’ll be staying up there. I’m going to wait here and watch as you wet yourself.”

“I bet you’re feeling the need to pee growing, already so warm and wet between your legs.”

“That’s it girl, you know Sir is in control.”

feel the warmth spreading through your punishment panties and seeping
down your dangling legs. Can you hear it dripping into the potty?”

“That’s a good girl.”

“What’s it’s like to wet your punishment panties?”

“Quite contrite now, it seems.”

“Now, let’s get you down again. All gathered up in my big strong arms.”

“A big hug for my special little girl.”

“Now, I’m going to pull down your wet panties.”

“Bend over like an obedient little girl whilst I inspect your stripe.”

“Hold your bottom apart.”

“Ah yes, there we are – a lovely pink stripe from clit to bottom hole!”

“Stay in position, and I’ll use this towel to dry you.”

“And oh… what’s this?”

“There seems to be a wetness here… of a completely different kind entirely…”

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