Back by popular demand! This is my half of a brand new interactive discipline story, written from a single character’s point of view. The idea being that you can copy this text into a new post, write your half of the story, and publish your own spanking story. Full instructions are here, and examples of what readers have created from the previous prompt are here.

Notes: I’ve deliberately left the gender of the two characters undefined, so readers can choose what combination works best for themselves. The gender of the disciplinarian is also left ambiguous so you can choose your own antagonist – a Mummy or Daddy, a governess, a strict uncle, a nun, a headmaster or headmistress – or whoever else features in your fantasies…

The Discovery

“This is very naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

“You do know what would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

“We would be spanked for sure! On our bare bottoms!”

“Does that thought appal or arouse you?”

“I have to confess, the thought of being caught and spanked really turns me on.”

“You’re curious too, aren’t you?”

“Do you want me to show you what happens?”

“Sit down on the edge of the bed then.”

“Now beckon me towards your lap and scold me, tell me how very naughty I’ve been.”

“Ooo yes, so stern and strict! I do like that.”

“Now, pull down my panties.”

“Eeek! Now I’m completely bare and exposed. Tell me off for covering myself, tell me to move my hands away.”

“The embarrassment! Now you can see how excited I am!”

“Tell me I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom.”

“Tell me to bend over.”

“Do you like having my poor little bottom at your mercy?”

“Now raise your palm high, and smack my naughty bum.”

“Oh my goodness! And again.”

“You’re so strict! Have you given many spankings?”

“Ooo, yes. I’ve been so very naughty.”

“Oh my…”

“My poor little bottom must be so hot and pink!”

“Thank you for disciplining me.”

“That was amazing, you’re a wonderful spanker!”

“Now, I’ve got a special treat for you too!”

“Perhaps you’ll allow me to undress you too?”

“There we go, both completely naked now. Looks like you found smacking my bottom quite exciting too.”

“Lie back on the bed, please.”

“I want to tie you up. That OK?”

“Hands above your head on the bedframe, please. Put your wrists together so I can bind them.”

“Now legs wide apart. Feet to the corners of the bed. I’ve a couple of scarves here to tie your ankles.”

“My goodness. What a beautiful view. All spread open and at my mercy.”

“Now, let me join you.”

“The 69 position is the perfect way to say thank you for a spanking. You get to see what you’ve done to my poor bottom up close, and kiss it all better.”

“And I get to say thank you between your legs.”

“Oh yes, just there…”

“Mmmm. So good…”

“But I do have a confession to make…”

“But first, I’m just going to get up, and unlock our door.”

“What if we’re discovered? Well, funny you should say that. I suppose you’d better climax quietly.”

“There back in position, do keep licking as I explain.”

“I’m afraid I’ve done something very, very naughty…”

“Before we started playing, I asked for a visit to my room. The time I gave is fast approaching, so I expect we’ll be caught with our tongues between each other’s legs some time in the next 10 minutes.”

“No point in struggling, I’ve tied you up perfectly tight.”

“We will of course, have to be severely dealt with.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we were immediately bent over the bottom of the bed!”

“How do you think we’ll be spanked?”

“Slippered? Strapped? Whacked with the cane?”

“No, I can’t let you go now, have you any idea how long I’ve been planning this?”

“Do you think we’ll be spanked together, or will have to take turns? One of us bending over the bottom of the bed, staring between the other’s legs as they’re punished? Or maybe you’ll be lying on your back like you are now, hands still tied to the frame, but with me holding your legs up.”

“Maybe you’ll get extra when they see you’ve already spanked my poor little bottom!”

“Perhaps we’ll even be made to spank each other! Just imagine that!”

“I’d have to spank you very hard, of course. And I expect you’d do just the same to me, since I’ve gotten you into so much trouble!”

“Shall I keep licking? Would you like me to make you come just as the door swings open, just as we’re discovered?”

“Perhaps you’d like to be caught with your own mouth full, with your tongue pushing against my bottom hole?”

“I think I hear footsteps coming…”

“So very, very close…”

“We’re so very, very naughty…”

“Oh my…”

Now, just copy this to a new post, write your half of the story, tag @spankingtheatre and post!