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February 2018

How do you have romantic slow sex? Its something ppl talk about but is it actually a thing ppl do??

I’d call slow sex any sexual activity where both partners are content to simply take their time.

It’s sex where the goal is not to climax, or splatter with cum, but instead to simply enjoy the physical sensation of being intimate with another human being. Feeling the warmth of your partner’s body. And the thrilling buzz you feel from their every gasp and giggle.

It is a form of sexual mindfulness, where each successive moment is savored for its fragile transient beauty. A time to appreciate how something as magical as love could actually come to exist in this cold, empty universe of ours.


It’s different from fucking.

Dialogue #3: Afternoon Tea with the Governess

The interactive discipline series is proving popular, so here’s a brand new story, once again written from a single character’s point of view. The
idea being that you can copy this text into a new post, write your half
of the story, and publish your own spanking story. Full instructions are here, and examples of what readers have created from the previous prompts are here.

This particular story will appeal to those who enjoy the erotic frisson of a Victorian setting. Those who fantasise about strict governesses, regular bottom inspections and well-decorated salons of delightful decorum…

Afternoon Tea with the Governess

The genteel sound of clinking fine china fills the salon as your dear friend Prudence lifts the dainty teapot and pours your tea. With a name like that, it seemed almost inevitable Prudence would become a governess.

You’ve known each other since you were adolescents, when you were first drawn towards her assertive, charismatic presence. Strict and stern, without being bossy, she was used to getting her own way. It was no surprise to find her now running such a prestigious household. You followed Prudence into the same profession, and it’s always a delight to visit and chat over a cup of exquisitely scented tea. What’s more, you always seem to come away having learned something new.

This time it was arriving to find Prudence’s eldest charge, Cordelia, sitting halfway up the hallway stairs. She was dressed in her nightgown, as if ready to be put to bed, but it was still only the middle of the afternoon. That was unusual enough, but what really intrigued you most was what she had in her mouth, a bright red rubber oval concealed it entirely, as if she’d painted her lips with the most vivid vermilion.

“Don’t mind Cordelia, she’s been a very naughty girl.”

“Ah, you noticed what Cordelia had in her mouth…”

“These really are wonderful inventions. They call them ‘Bottom Plugs’!”

“A dozen of different diameters was included with the enema kit I recently purchased. And they thoughtfully supply enough for a whole household!”

“Finest gutta-percha rubber, from the Malay colonies.”

“The plugs are meant to help prevent leaks and accidents, so whatever one uses to fill a bottom can be retained for as long as deemed necessary.”

“I’ve found the plugs particularly useful when there’s several queuing for the nozzle. Or I need to deal with any silly acting up, which might necessitate some bottom smacking.”

“But then I discovered another use for these delightful little items! The perfect remedy for disrespectful brats!”

“Now the girls know that if they’re cheeky or talk back, or use unladylike language, or let a lie pass their lips – they’ll have their mouths filled.”

“And if, subsequently, one dares makes a sound, they know they’ll have their plug taken from their mouth and put into their bottom. And a bigger thicker plug will take its place in her mouth.”

“My rule is simple: the plug they end the day with in their mouths will be inserted for their bedtime spanking and worn in bed overnight.”

“Of course, bedtime spankings need to be nice and hard. A hand-spanking over the knee is barely any punishment at all. I think most girls would LOVE to go to bed tingling after a few smacks on their bums.”

“Several times I’ve even heard the girls playing spanking games, but I just listen in silence from the other side of the door, I never interrupt.”

“Did you play spanking games? I suspect most who enter our profession choose to be Teacher when playing “Classroom”. Where the punishment for misbehaviour was always a good spanking, and always on the bare bottom. Am I correct?”

“Go on…”

“And what happened?”

“How interesting…”

“My point exactly. Young ladies enjoy a warm bottom. That’s why if they’ve earned a bedtime spanking, I ensure it is a punishment. I have them bend over the bottom of the bed, lift their nightgowns, and use my thick leather strap.”

“They get a long hard strapping. Until there’s sniffling and tears.”

“If they’ve been really naughty, I’ll rub ginger paste around their plug before I push it into their bottom.”

“Indeed. To ensure they don’t remove it overnight, you should always perform an inspection when you wake them in the morning. That way they won’t have time to slip it back in. Only if they wore it overnight, will it still be in place.”

“You can also get nightgowns with fixtures allowing the front hem to be tied to the back, between the legs. Which provide the additional advantage of excluding wandering fingers.”

“I know some rubbing is unavoidable. That’s why you must send them to bed with a very sore bum, one that can’t be soothed away by fingers straying underneath the covers.”

“Oh of course they touch themselves. I can hear that quite clearly from the other side of the door. But I don’t punish masturbation. That would be hypocritical!”

“But I do insist my girls always ask permission before they touch themselves. Now they know the punishment for lying is the plug in their mouths, I’ve found they’re quite candid with me. This is as it should be. It allows me to ensure they are not masturbating excessively.”

“Twice a week is acceptable. We have our own little system. But never more than twice, otherwise I they’ll find themselves being put to bed in my room, wearing tieable mittens, where I can keep an eye on them.”

“Perhaps you’d like a demonstration of the kind of obedience my bottom plugs can instill.”

“I’ll just fetch Cordelia from the naughty step.”

“Here, young lady. Kneel on the naughty stool. I’ll just roll up the hem of your gown so our gracious guest can get a good look at your bare bottom.”

“As you can see, she hasn’t been plugged down here yet.”

“Now, I’m going to give her a spanking paddle. That’s it, you know what to do, dear. Rest it against your bare bottom.”

“She knows my rule. Whenever either of us mention her name, she’ll give herself a hard smack. Isn’t that right, Cordelia?”

“You see? Cordelia has learned to be a very obedient young lady.”

“If you’re a good girl Cordelia, I might take the plug from your mouth.”

“Six more spanks on each cheek, Cordelia.”

“Are you enjoying watching Cordelia spank herself?”

“Six more whacks, Cordelia, nice and hard.”

“And I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that another advantage of a plug in her mouth is that there’s no complaining or pleading, isn’t that right Cordelia?”

“Ten more spanks to finish, Cordelia, alternating on each cheek.”

“That’s a good girl. Get up now, and give me the paddle. You can take out your plug and clean it in the bathroom. Then go to your room.”

“Oh! You’d like to give me one of your rings? Why, of course, young lady. To your room then.”

“Here I should explain our little system. I have given those in my charge in this household two silver rings, you may have noticed them on their fingers…”

“Whenever they wish to masturbate, they must give up one of their rings. If I deem it a permissible time, there are no outstanding tasks or chores for instance, I will take the ring and allow them to go to their room.”

“I give any rings in my posession back on Sunday evening, so everyone starts the week with two again.”

“Persistent naughtiness may lead to me retaining one or both or their rings, in which case, of course, no touching will be permitted that week.”

“On your next visit, you really must bring your own Emmeline along. She is a wilful little minx! She can kneel beside Cordelia, and get their spankings together.”

“No doubt when they’re finally dismissed to their rooms, they’ll soothe and explore each other’s sore bottoms. We might even hear their distant cries and gasps! Would that excite you, to go upstairs and spy on what’s happening, and witness the two young ladies in congress?”

“Do you find that prospect arousing?”

“Stand up, lift your skirts. Oh yes, your drawers are quite soaked.”

“I have a feeling you’ll be coming round to visit quite often.”

“But before you go, I think I’d better teach you how to apply my spanking technique.”

“Slip out of your dress, and step out of your undergarments. Remember, spankings should always take place on the bare bottom.”

“Up we get, kneel on the naughty stool.”

“Now take the paddle, reach back and place it against your bottom.”

“Remember, a good hard smack, every time I say your name.”

“Give yourself a smack on each cheek to get started.”

“Now six whacks on each cheek.”

“Good. Six more. Can you feel the heat and stinging building?”

“Perfect. I expect naughty Emmeline to be well trained in spanking herself by the time you next visit.”

“Another six. I intend to teach you what a well-spanked bottom actually feels like…”

“I suspect Cordelia is playing already, stroking herself to the distant sound of your whacking. I wonder if you find that equally arousing?”

“Mmmm, I think I’m going to enjoy these little visits immensely…”

Now, just copy this to a new post, write your half of the story, tag @spankingtheatre and post!


The lips of her slit

Betray secrets

The lips of her mouth

Would never let slip

Venus spanking Cupid



Image: Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, Giovanni Luigi Valesio

Why is Venus spanking Cupid?

Did you know that long before the modern world chose Valentine’s Day as its designated day of love, there was the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia?

Did you know that it began on the Ides (the 13th) and climaxed on the 15th of February, and consisted of purification and fertility rites that held such significance in the Roman calendar that the month of Februarius was named after them?

Although Lupercalia was a fertility rite, scholars believe its proximity to the contemporary St Valentine’s Day is purely coincidental. And that is why Venus is spanking Cupid in a 17th century woodcut. It depicts the echoes of half-remembered rituals still reverberating.

If you have someone special in your life, you are blessed. Tell them how much you love them, then show how much, by baring their bottom and spanking them pink. Or send them this post and be waiting ready for a spanking when they get home.

You’ll be reviving a tradition that goes back over 2000 years. Spanking is love. A warm bottom and a contented heart. Such is the wisdom of the ancients.

And if you need any further inspiration, lend me your imagination, and I’ll whisper you a story


Wishing you all a very happy Lupercalia!

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Many thanks to all those who comment and share. Most erotic pictures
routinely get hundreds or even thousands of likes, but written posts
rarely achieve a fraction of that. Yet original writing is the result of
a great deal of creative effort, and it needs its own champions. So, if
you find erotic words arousing, do share your favourites, and help
spread the magic of the written word!

The Discovery


The scene is set by the amazing storyteller @spankingtheatre​ who generously has invited his readers to interfere in one of his lovely stories and make it their own.

My efforts have turned out as follows: (my contributions in bold)

* * *

The light breeze made the
curtains billow. Although it was late afternoon, the heat was still intense,
and I welcomed its cooling, gentle touch fanning my warm body. A soft voice
brought me out of my reverie.

“This is very
naughty of us! Just lying here on my bed, in nothing but our underwear.”

I turned my head and looked at
Gina who was resting beside me, on her back her hands folded behind her head. A
quick glance down her body confirmed what she had just said. Compared to me and
my sensible cotton bra and panties, she really looked naughty in nothing but a laced
half cup bra and a pair of tiny, flimsy panties that just about covered her
bare mound.

“You do know what
would happen if we were caught, don’t you?”

I shook my head languidly and
returned her smile with quiet composure, but underneath I felt somewhat disturbing.
Something in Gina’s eager voice made me feel a little uncomfortable but I
couldn’t exactly tell what it was.

“We would be
spanked for sure! On our bare bottoms!”

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This is a treat! A wonderful contribution to the ongoing interactive discipline series by the lovely @hissubtobe.

She has added richly evocative descriptions to my original sparse lines of dialogue, conjuring up an evocative scene of two young women undressing and exploring each other on a long, lazy, sultry summer afternoon. The impetuousness of one of the characters is particularly well-written. Why is she in such a hurry? A hint she’s a highly sexually adventurous individual, or the result of having an eye on the clock?

And I like how even despite their imminent jeopardy, there are no recriminations, if anything, the licking intensifies. Friends are becoming lovers, even as the footsteps approach. I wonder what their aunt will think…

If other readers would like to try creating their own story, just copy the text of original template, add your own words and repost. Here’s the background explained. Why not give it a try?

Carrot and Stick



It all began with a half-stifled gasp.

Stepping quietly down the hall, he’d been on his way to bed when he’d heard the tell-tale rustling from behind her bedroom door. The barely audible rhythmic creaking, and those little moans that can’t be muffled.

Or, thought of another way, it all began earlier that day, as she’d been kept behind for after-school detention. Later that night, as she lay in bed, memories of the experience bubbled back into her empty mind. She recalled how she’d childishly provoked Miss Summers by facetiously scrawling her detention essay in the style of a cranky 7 year old. In response, the normally mild-mannered Miss Summers had taken her completely by surprise by putting her over her knee and tugging down her panties. Miss had then applied the ruler to her bare bottom until she really was acting like a silly little girl, crying and kicking and pleading.

Yet she had found the whole experience unexpectedly, unexplainably, unaccountably erotic. And in the darkness, as she lay stroking her tender cheeks, replaying what had happened, an itch had started. She knew she wasn’t allowed to play with herself on a school night, but the itch had escalated into a throb. I’ll never get to sleep like this! she thought. Suddenly, rubbing became the lesser of two evils. Just as long as she wasn’t caught, of course.

Meanwhile, he lingered outside, silently listening.

Her reluctance to sit down on returning from school had prompted him to decree a bottom inspection, and he’d seen first-hand what a good job her teacher had done. Naturally, she’d have to be punished again at home for misbehaving at school, but he decided that could wait until her soreness faded.

The little gasps were quicker now; whilst she could stifle her delight, she couldn’t stifle her breathing. Not that the sounds from behind her door came as any surprise. In his experience, every girl who got her bottom spanked would pleasure herself afterwards. It was a natural law, a universal principle, energy can not be created or destroyed, only transformed; and so the erotic energy delivered to a spanked bottom would have to be expressed somehow.

Some couldn’t wait, immediately dashing to the loo to try and rub the pain away. Whilst some waited until they were in bed later that night, savouring their discomfort, feeling the warmth in their bottom ebb between their legs. Whilst others would wait even longer, ruminating on the shame and embarrassment for days, even weeks, before finally releasing themselves volcanically when they could bear it no more…

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For those of you who are into the following, I strongly suggest reading this story by @spankingtheatre.

  • There’s a naughty girl who thinks she’s so clever in deceiving her Sir, but of course she is found out.
  • Spankings, canings
  • Being exposed/watched
  • Secretive masturbation
  • Inspections
  • Anal play (fingers, toys, cock)
  • Discipline, chastisement

I cannot emphasize how much this story turned me on. It’s literally perfect to me. I couldn’t help it, while reading, I had to touch myself. I had to. It’s long, but by the time I got halfway I was already aching. By the time I was to the bedroom scene I was dripping. Just, go read it, with something in your bottom.

If I ever publish this story as a paperback, this lovely testimonial by @littlemisssubshine is going on the back cover!

You heard her readers – read it, with something in your bottom!

Today in a lecture, a professor of mine mentioned the carrot and the stick metaphor and all I could think about was your story

I’m glad the education you’ve been receiving through this blog has proved so memorable. You can understand why the merits of The Carrot versus The Stick have vexed philosophers for centuries.

So, time for a straw poll…

I arrive in your room in 5 minutes.
What are you hoping for?

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