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March 2018

Is it weird to want be spanked by you? Don’t know, just seems like it’d be the most fun

Spanking should be always fun.

After all, spanking is an expression of adult playfulness. A chance to dress up and act out roles, a chance to indulge in
grown-up games of misdemeanours and erotic consequences. It might be giggly and light-hearted, or strict and stern. But fundamentally, we do it because it’s fun.

It’s an activity that rewards the ingenious. A well-planned spanking might take
hours, carefully cultivating a growing anticipation, building to a crescendo of a cathartic
punishment – and then, once a fire is ignited, who wouldn’t want to
linger, and enjoy its glow? An ongoing private conspiracy, played in secret, with a
brand new chapter improvised every night.

That’s why I love spanking.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the spanking tips in your latest anon (me) response. Im staying anon since he’s on here. This was such a great response and makes a ton of sense! I’ll definitely try all of your suggestions and keep you updated on how it goes! I also wish I knew why exactly why spanking means so much to me to break it down for him. I’ve known I was into it all my life but still struggle with figuring out why

I think many who’ve been into spanking their whole lives struggle to put into words why it means so much to them.

Spanking is just a expression of your sexuality. You don’t need to justify it, any more than anyone needs to justify what gender(s) they’re attracted to.

Because it’s non-penetrative, many dismiss spanking as “just foreplay”. As if proper sexuality must involve a cock going somewhere. This is not just an archaic attitude, it’s hopelessly wrong.

One of the main reasons I write is to elaborate in words what others have often imagined but struggle to express.

So, this is my answer to why I love spanking.

You may find it resonates with you, and helps you find the words to describe what you feel so deeply.

I want my boyfriend to commit to spanking me but it always seems like it’s a burden to him or he rushes it. How do I get him to be more “serious” about it?

I’m going to let you into a closely guarded secret.

The secret of sexual spontaneity…

… is careful planning.

You need to tell your boyfriend how much spanking means to you. If he doesn’t consider spanking to be an erotic act, of course he’s going to rush through it, because that means he gets to what he considers the sexy bits sooner.

So even if you do ask to be spanked harder, or for longer, he’s not really going to understand why. That’s why he seems so half-hearted. What’s more, some men can actually be very uncomfortable spanking their partners, and need reassurance that they’re not doing it wrong.

So, don’t leave things to chance. Plan your own spanking. Lure him into it. Seduce him. Ask him to write down five things that turn him on, and then work out a way to combine a spanking with each.

Perhaps you’ll be spanked after being “caught” masturbating.

Or spanked between thrusts as he slides into your bottom.

Or spanked as you straddle his chest and take his cock in your mouth.

Engage your imaginations, and he’ll soon realise what we already know.

Spanking is the sexy bit too…

Hi! I’m in a real need of a good spanking, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble punishing myself. I have a tendency to touch myself when thinking about it instead of actually doing it. Do you have any suggestions for getting over this? Thank you!

My preferred way of dealing with those who touch too readily is to shave them bare, and put them into a chastity belt. Nice and tight.

Not only does the chastity belt make touching physically impossible, but the miscreants also know they won’t be allowed to loosen their belt until after they’ve received a well-smacked bottom. 

Those who need a good spanking, but decide they’d actually rather play with themselves need a lesson in self-discipline. And in my experience, the chastity belt is an ideal tutor…

Reading Magic

Magic spells

Buzzing brain

Tingling slit

A messy stain

Racing heart as nipples stiffen

Greedily consuming what was written

Little gasps as pupils widen

Rubbing and plunging

Fingers conjuring

A breathlessly



Hi. I want to give myself a good punishment (one that involves a corner time, a strapping and hairbrush spanking) but I can’t figure out a good way to make the strapping actually hurt, or how to really feel the pain and humiliation of the punishment. Any tips? Thx

If your goal is a sore bottom, I’d recommend spanking yourself for a longer period of time, rather than attempting to smack harder. Get into a comfortable position, set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes, and spank until the time is up. Then go stand in the corner arms folded behind your back, to let the sting develop and your arm recover. No rubbing, of course.

If you need more, get back in position, reset the timer and continue spanking for another 5 minutes. Repeat until your bottom is as sore as you want, it shouldn’t take too long.

An alternative to the timer is to spank yourself whilst watching a spanking video. Here you’ll give yourself a smack each time the on-screen protagonist is smacked. If you need more, rewatch the video or find another to continue the story. The self-spanking challenge series has more suggestions for introducing variety and interest into your disciplining.

As for ways to increase your humiliation of your punishment, I’ve compiled a handy list of activities here.

Hope that helps…

hello! any spanking suggestions for someone who’s home alone for the week and just needs some pain and to be spanked for being naughty? maybe being a rule breaker while others are gone? all the best xo

In a week, you could play through a good number of the self-spanking challenges.

The panty-pulling chair is another very popular activity, as you might have read on this blog, some readers have developed their own favourite variations.

And if you can, I’d suggest setting up a whacking rod.

Experiment and have fun, rulebreaker.

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