I woke as dawn painted the bedroom amber, to find an envelope on the bedside table.

On the front your handwriting admonished me:

“Don’t open this until I tell you”.

You knew it would pique my curiosity. I turned the envelope over to see if any gaps in the seal would provide an opportunity to peek. But any plans for mischief were halted by your unequivocal message on the back: “I mean it, naughty!”

I actually giggled.

But what was inside? The growing tingle of anticipation somehow made the morning’s routine business meetings seem much more exciting.

Then, at lunchtime, I received a text. From you. It simply said: “Open it now”.
My trembling fingertips tore the envelope open.
I blushed as I read the contents:

“Before the 8 bells toll.
Unlock the door.
Stand in the hallway.
Face away from the door.
Plug your ears.
Don a blindfold.
Bind your hands.

I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

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Message in a Bottle is one of my very first stories, and is in fact a collaborative tale written in conjunction with a playmate. But the voices mix so beautifully, I now find it difficult to tell who wrote which.

This is a story about sensations, and how dominance is exerted through the control of the senses, and the curation of a partner’s thoughts. The twist ending was my invention, I hope the echoes of this story will continue in your own imaginations…

What readers have said about this story:

“A very clever and surprising ending, a subtle touch that heightened the
intensity of an already intense story. Nothing fires up the imagination
as leaving it alone at a crucial moment…“

“A quite remarkable piece of prose. Full of suggestion and promise, unfulfilled promise.“

“Very clever story, leaving so much to the imagination of this reader,
which ran wild while reading this. This really left me wanting more. It
read a little like the movie 9-½ Weeks.“

“Your story was a delightful treat for my senses. I could not help but
see myself in this woman’s place. Her inner musings were exactly right.“

“The sensual descriptions in this story really draws the reader in. The
abrupt end of the note left me wanting more, but also, to my surprise,
pleased at the way it sparked my imagination. Effective and very well

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