You’re very welcome.

I believe the key to good writing is embracing diversity. To create different characters and unexpected scenarios, and that means exploring the wonderful variety of human nature.

I’ve never wanted to just tell the same story over and over again, just with different names. I wanted to the explore what it means to be dominant or to be submissive, or subservient or obsessive or bewitched, and all the other intoxicating emotional states the human mind can conceive.

Being a straight male, I prefer my stories to involve a strong feminine presence, which is why I haven’t (yet) written any gay male spanking stories. But that’s just a matter of personal preference, I think the best stories are those that arouse their writers.

Spanking is an expression of our fundamental sexuality, the collision of physical force and interpersonal power. Because it’s non-penetrative, gender is irrelevant. Anyone can spank or be spanked, that’s the beauty of it. And why I love spanking.