Very interesting to what’s popular among readers.

Many votes for the Stables, clearly attracted by the prospect of straddling a saddle dildo, and how the canter of the pony would make the doll bounce up and down delightfully.

Scenarios where the doll is left helpless to be used also seem very popular. Whether that’s being left naked with your legs spread open on the soft gilded cushions in the salon of whores. Or bound naked to the mast with rough rope having being abducted by pirates. Waiting motionless until as a passer-by takes interest in her, kneels to examine her, and smelling her arousal…

The popularity of the medieval dungeon is of no surprise, I know how much many of you would like to feel those cold heavy chains tight against your flesh, knowing there can be no escape.

And given the love for the Inspections for Girls game, it’s perhaps not surprising to see a queue of readers wanting to attend The Clinic. It seems being undressed and intimately scrutinised by an authority figure is a very popular fantasy. Detailed intimate examinations that are simultaneously mortifyingly
embarrassing and intensely arousing.

But perhaps you’d choose something quite different altogether.

Here are the options.

And here’s where you can cast your vote.