Image: Voyeur or Exhibitionist by Andi Kunar (via breathtakingportaits).


Across the street I’m sure I saw

A curtain twitch, a glimpse of light

Curious eyes secretly peering

Spies in a sticky summer night


Our neighbours must have heard us, dear

Bare bum spankings do result in quite a din

Slaps and moans echo all around

And an open window can’t keep a whacking in


There’s nothing to stop our lurid sounds

I see every nearby window is agape

Admitting cool night air to ventilate

And naughty sounds behind our drapes


Listen dear, can you hear that buzz?

Liz from number 8 is wanking over your disgrace

Slowly riding her old noisy vibe

Whilst wishing she was in your place


Ah, now I can hear next-door’s rocking squeaks

Roger timing his thrusts to my every smack

The sound of spanking clearly turns them on

His wife moans moments after every whack


Can you hear that coming from number 12?

Sounds like Sarah’s getting her bottom tanned

I wonder if we’ve turned her bottom pink too

Inspiring her to bend before her husband’s hand


Suddenly I’m the conductor of our cul-de-sac

A symphony of spanks and gasps and cries

A melody of buzzes, squeaks and moans

Stiffening the behind-the-curtain spies


Are you proud of what you’ve inspired?

I see your performance has made you soaking wet

Up from my knee, you naughty minx

Don’t dare think I’m finished yet…


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The welcome return of hot sultry weather.

All the more reason to shed one’s clothes, don’t you think?