All good spankings should end with a bottom inspection.

Where the spankee is exposed and examined by their spanker, who intimately surveys the effects of the spanking they’ve administered.

The picture above is of a naughty young lady I
recently spanked. One of the
pictures taken during her subsequent inspection marvelously captured the very moment her arousal dripped from
her swollen lips. So I asked to her to trace the picture, and with her
agreement, it’s posted here to conclude her punishment. So everyone can
see what a well-spanked, naughty girl she is.

And so everyone can see the physical effect a good bottom inspection can have too.

But there’s more to inspections than just amplifying post-spanking arousal, I can think of at least 10 reasons why inspections deserve to be an integral part of your spankings:

  1. prolonging the moment
  2. making it real
  3. sharing vulnerability
  4. embarrassment and shame
  5. building arousal
  6. examining the impact
  7. aftercare
  8. submission
  9. empathy
  10. continuations

Intrigued? Let me explain…

1. To prolong the moment

Inspections are an opportunity to be mindful, to stay in the present moment and
conserve the precious erotic charge that you’ve developed during the
spanking. If you’ve been roleplaying, an inspection allows both top
and bottom to stay in character just a little while longer, remaining within
and keeping the fragile bubble of their fantasy intact. 

Mindfulness is about experiencing the present moment with your full attention. The bottom experiencing the thrill of being exposed, whilst for the top it’s a chance to read back a miniature
story of the scene you’ve just played.

2. To make it real

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? As anyone who’s ever spanked themselves alone knows, unwitnessed spankings can feel rather unfulfilling. Something important is missing, someone who’ll elevate the experience from perfunctory to erotic.

Inspections can assume
a special significance if discipline has to be conducted remotely. If you’ve just finished spanking yourself, and your bottom is sore and
smarting, just sending a message like “I’ve had my spanking” to your spanker doesn’t really communicate the hurricane of pain, shame and arousal you’ve just experienced. Sending a picture of your spanked bottom to your partner, or an audio recording of the smacks, helps bring the spanking alive for both of you.

3. To share their moment of vulnerability

The purpose of an inspection is not to ogle your partner, however
beautiful the view might be, but to share in their moment of
vulnerability. Exposure is an act of trust, where the spankee reveals themselves at their most vulnerable, and invites their
partner to share in that moment.

Presenting oneself for inspection is a highly submissive act, so I believe a spankee should always ask politely to be inspected, rather than being commanded to. And if they don’t feel comfortable enough to be inspected, there’s never any obligation.

4. To scold, embarrass and shame

Many find sexual shame is intensely erotic, and an intimate inspection is a fine way of experiencing erotic humiliation in a safe environment, in the privacy of your own bedroom.

I tend to conduct inspections with the spankee’s legs spread wide, so the slit and bottom hole are visible. Such exposure can be very embarrassing, even for those very comfortable with their own nudity. Even more revealing is being told to hold your sore spanked cheeks
apart. To be so thoroughly exposed when all you want to do is rub the
sting away.

5. To assess arousal

Inspections are ideal opportunity to reveal just how exciting your spankee partner has found your playtimes. There’s no denying the implications of a stiff pointing cock, or seeping sticky slit, on display for all to see.

If the spanking you’ve given was intended as a punishment, and the spankee is unavoidably aroused, you might decide to scold them for lack of self-control. Perhaps other punishments will be earned. Or, if you’re spanking for your mutual pleasure, now’s your opportunity to run your finger down
their shaft, or glide a fingertip between their eager lips.

6. To examine the impact

This reason is practical rather than erotic. When the spanker inspects, they are paying careful attention to what their spanking has inflicted. Look at the pink blushes on the spankee’s bottom, did you intend to spank
that hard? Do they need more, or is it time to conclude their punishment?

Be mindful and inspect with all your senses. Is their skin hot to the touch, do they squirm away from your
fingers? Are there any little marks or bruises? What about the state of
the bottom’s clothing, in place or disheveled? Are there tears, either
on their face or damp dots on nearby pillows? Can you see goosebumps?
Was this spanking just what they deserved?

7. Aftercare

Yet inspections should also be more than just a forensic exercise in finding marks.
It is a time to talk to each other, a chance for the top to check the
bottom is ok. To let the scene gently wind down, and allow
reality to resume.

If you’re physically present, it’s an opportunity to rub and caress their sore bottom and provide
the comfort of a cuddle. If you’re both remote, the top should be checking the bottom enjoyed the experience, and their emotional well-being.

8. Submission

Inspections continue the power exchange that began with the spanking being announced and the bottom being bared.

And what could be more submissive than asking them to bend over, holding their spanked
bottom open for one final dramatic act of exposure, an invitation to their disciplinarian to read their most intimate secrets.

9. Empathy

Inspections are also a kind of a time-out, during which the spanker should acknowledge and empathise with the spankee’s discomfort. Perhaps
you’ll commend their obedience to your instructions, and praise their stoicism.

Likewise, if you spent the spanking chiding her for
behaving like a naughty little girl, this is a chance to build her up
again, to express your admiration of how she took her punishment like a
big girl. Or a chance to remind the spankee who sets the rules, and what
they can expect when they misbehave again.

10. Continuations

Last but not least, inspections provide an opportunity to continue the scene.

You might send the spankee to stand in the corner, or to sit upon a naughty
stool.  Or perhaps you’ll get them to take a picture of themselves and instruct them to Draw Lines, tracing out their own image, line by line, just like the picture above.

Spankings should be so much more
than just a few minutes of inflicting pain. Inspections prolong playtime. Why shouldn’t what happens
afterwards last far longer than the punishment itself? After all, once a
fire is ignited, who doesn’t want to linger, and enjoy its glow…?