An anonymous reader writes:

I’ve devised a punishment based around your story, Punishment Panties,
and, as you’re the inspiration, I thought it only fair to tell you (and
to add to the humiliation of the punishment). Basically, I needed a
punishment that could be done while my roommates were home with my door
somewhat open for my pets – so, silent and relatively undetectable but
still very much a punishment.

This lead me to my current
predicament: lying back in bed, with my dress hitched up and
my blankets pulled up, ribbons looped into my panties and tied to my
headboard. The ribbons are just long enough that I can lie down but
doing so causes my panties to gather between the cheeks of my arse and,
the further down I wiggle, pull tight up against my slit.

my punishment is for wasting my time on the internet (particularly on
the naughty side of tumblr) when I’m supposed to be doing work and
chores, I’ve been scrolling through my dash looking at all the naughty
posts but I’m not allowed to touch (not that I can, really, with how
tight my panties are currently). At the naughtiest posts, I get a little
squirmy and it pulls my panties tighter and increases the burning
between my thighs.

After I send this message, I’ll be allowed to
get up and untie my ribbons and pull my panties down. I’m going to do so
in front of the bathroom mirror, so I can see the little red stripe
that’s left.

Your stories never fail to inspire, thank you. 

An appropriate punishment, dear reader. And I hope the fact that your confession is going to be seen by thousands of readers will add further humiliation.

As you’ve already discovered, panty-pulling is an excellent punishment for those who lack sufficient privacy for a good spanking. A sore pink stripe between the legs rather than a sore pink bottom.

In a previous post I’ve described some other activities that you can perform discreetly. To these I’d also add the chastity belt, which can be worn under clothes in public. Having your mound and slit shaved completely bare is another act of self-discipline I encourage, providing a continuous reminder of your need for discipline every time you lower or raise your panties…