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September 2018

How would you deal with a little being bratty/resisting a spanking/bottom inspection?

Brats who resist the righteous imposition of discipline will forfeit the one thing they want the most.

Take a moment, and think. What do you think that longing is?

It’s not orgasms. It’s much more subtle than that.

Brats who won’t behave forfeit their right to my attention. Because if your partner has gifted their submission, and you have earned the right to their obedience, it is your presence – your authority – that your partner seeks above all else.

So if my instruction to bend over is ever ignored, or quibbled with, or met with a cheeky reply. I never lose my temper, or drag my charge roughly by the hand, I merely smile, and say: “I’m waiting, young lady”.

She might continue to act up, of course. But I have patience, I have something she wants above all else. My satisfaction. I am the arbiter and enforcer of her rules, she knows her obedience is what pleases me most, and that her lack of discipline creates a gnawing void inside her soul.

I might ignore her, busy myself with writing, or smile teasingly at her childish attempts to win back my attention. I might escalate her sense of loss, describing in salacious detail all the pleasures she’s lost through her bratty insolence.

Her resistance never really lasts for long.

And when she ultimately finds herself desperately pleading to be spanked and inspected, that’s the sweetest sound of all.

im an exhibisionist but im still exploring and starting to look into actually doing it. do you think you could give me tasks/ideas?

Firstly, exhibitionism is play for mature, responsible adults. Do not
pursue it if you’re anxious, or are really just seeking the approval of

I’d only recommend it to those who possess the mindset of
models, those who are so proud of their own bodies that nothing is more
satisfying that displaying themselves, and being admired.

It can
be a cruel world. Some people are mean. If you don’t have a strong
self-esteem, how will you react when someone trolls you, when they
criticise you for being ugly, or fat, or disgusting. If your mentality
is strong, nothing anyone can say will hut you, because put simply,
their views are irrelevant. You don’t care.

There are no tasks I
can set that will boost your self-esteem, that comes from an inner sense
of confidence, of having your life under control, of a series of
accomplishments that grow your own personal level of satisfaction with
your life.

If you have that confidence, and you want to flaunt it. You have my congratulations.

Now, you can begin revealing yourself.

And I would begin by asking you a question, what is your motivation?

being seen one of your strongest fantasies? Do you imagine being a porn
star, knowing that your allure will inspire thousands to masturbate
over you?

Or are you an artist? Is your nakedness a canvas for
self-expression, do you want to create erotic magery that’s never been
seen before?

Or are you inspired by the adrenaline rush of doing something illicit?

As for ideas, I would hope my stories are full of ideas you can stage.

naughty games series has lots of ideas too, perhaps you’d like to be
seen on a Panty Pulling Chair or doing Ups and Downs. Or impaling
yourself on a dildo, pegging yourself to a clothesline, or straddling a

Or creating your own visual story, of how you report to your audience for a thorough inspection, of both your holes. Which might also involve a figging.

Or perhaps you’ll draw yourself, and leave the intimate details to your viewers’ imaginations.

Your body, your fantasies, your choice.

Have fun.

I’ve recently discovered the naughtier side of Etsy. There are pages & pages of spanking tools, devices, & paraphernalia. 1 item in particular reminded me of some of your stories. I’m wondering if you could use it as inspiration for a story at some point? The device had me squirming as I read the description. The “vibrating spanking bench” has a spot for a Hitachi wand to be strapped on, so while strapped on the bench, they also can’t escape the merciless vibrations of the wand.

Is that how you’d like to be spanked, dear reader?

Cuffed by your wrists and ankles, belts pulled tight across your torso, securing you in place, denying you the freedom of the merest wriggle.

Then you’d feel the cold tacky bulb of the wand intrude between your slit. A skilled disciplinarian would place it carefully, of course, so your clit is never touched by its buzzing head. Instead you’d feel its vibrations on your lips, and tingling against your perineum.

The switch is flicked. The torment commences. Stinging whacks against your helpless bottom. Whilst the infernal buzzing makes you seep. 

You try to move, to shift just a bit lower, to feel those powerful tremors against your throbbing clit. But the bench is too sturdy, your bonds are too tight. Another stinging smack lands, as you strain, mere millimeters from blessed relief.

I wonder how many readers put vibrators between their legs as they read these stories. Or how many place a vibe on their pile of pillows when they bend over to spank themselves.

For those who dream of spanking benches, that can be your assignment.

My story Ups and Downs features a spanking bench, read it as you’re bending over. Read it as you smack your bottom, as the vibrations throb between your legs. Read it as you imagine your disciplinarian punishing you, as they whisper in your ear, warning you of the consequences if you ever dare to come…

Wondering if you encourage any sort of doctor play, as either a discipline or ‘act like a little girl, get treated like one”…a rectal temp taking maybe before a spanking?

Of course.

Being undressed and intimately scrutinised is an important part of a proper  spanking. If I deem discipline necessary, my playmate knows her bottom is mine to do with as I wish. She will be granted no modesty, if I decide her bottom will be wiped, it will be. If I decide she will stand in the corner spreading her buttocks, that’s precisely what she’ll do.

If I decide to conduct an intimate examination, as she lies on her back with her legs spread wide. I shall. She might protest, but I hear her sighs as my gloved fingers tug open her vulva, and I can see her seep as the lubed thermometer slips into her bottom.

Perhaps you’re imagining that now, an experience of mortifying embarrassment, yet one that’s intensely arousing. My voice, dispassionate and professional, telling you this is just the way it has to be. That all naughty girls have to be examined before they get their bottoms spanked.

Sometimes I conduct inspections after she’s been put over my knee. Spreading her sore spanked cheeks apart
to reveal her tight little bottom hole. Her arousal unmistakeable. Evasion impossible.

Her face burning hot with shame as the lubed stem of the thermometer pushes inside her. Or perhaps I’d conduct my inspection just as I put her to bed, as she laid obediently on her bed, nightie pulled up to her
chest, her legs raised high in the air, revealing the pretty pink patches I’d gifted to her bum and thighs.

Your disciplinarian would see everything, of course. Your desperate shame adding to the
erotic thrill. But, just like all the best acts of discipline,
temperature taking is performed “for your own good”. It might be
embarrassing, but it’s done because your carer cares about you – and
that simple fact is the most erotic reason of them all…

Naughty Games Galore


Since last Monday (9/10) I’ve been incredibly horny, like more so than I’ve been in a while. 

Of course I come (hehe) to Tumblr order to find some inspiration to help me with my drippy situation. A couple months ago I discovered the amazing blog @spankingtheatre and the amazing Naughty Games that the blog has. I finally tried a few new ones out in the past few days and I was definitely not disappointed in the least. 

On Wednesday I started out with the game Secret Reading and added some spanking with my hairbrush to add to the pleasure. Iwas a total mess by the end of the story, but before allowing myself to properly pleasure myself i also decided to play the Sensations as I am a definitely a fan of edging, as well as denial and so I set apart some time and got going. The most surprising body parts that I enjoyed were my forearms and my toes. They both made me squirm delightfully, I honestly felt like I could’ve possibly came from the sensations those two areas sent through my body, but that’s an experiment for another time perhaps. 

As if those two games weren’t enough for one night I also attempted to make my own Panty Pulling Chair, but as I did not have the proper equipment to make one, I was left disappointed at the lack of a pink stripe, as I had too much slack on my extension cord I was using.

So on Thursday night I bought some twine while I was at the grocery store, and despite it being such an innocuous purchase I felt a thrill knowing that I was going to be using it for something so kinky. 

When I got home I got to work on making my chair and oh my I was certainly not disappointed by the effects of it. I decided to reread the story that started it all, The Sit Down Dance. I found my self itching to get started and took the first pillow off within five minutes of starting, even before the girls in the story get their punishment. I don’t remember when I took the second and third ones out, only remembering that I was eager to feel my panties pulling between my slit. I took out the last one about halfway through Part 2 and unlike the girls in the story, I began to squirm attempting to get in a position that allowed the most kind of stretch I was looking for. i

After a quick bottom inspection in the mirror to see my beautiful pink stripe I needed some sort of release, as I did not touch myself at all while on the chair. 

I decided to try out yet another one of SpankingTheatre’s wonderfully crafted games and made myself a Throne of Shame with my newly purchased (earlier that day) suction cup dildo. 

Despite how wet I was it was a bit painful to sit on, but I brought a vibrator to my clit and began edging myself over and over. I would take the vibe off as soon as I got close to the edge and would count to fifty before putting it back. My goal was to make it to 25 edges but with all the counting I had to do I lost track somewhere around 10. I was on my throne for at least an hour if not more. I honestly don’t know what number I stopped at, but I stopped after I waited a few seconds too long and felt myself tumbling over the edge and ruined my orgasm. After I got off my throne, I immediately wanted my cunt to be filled right up with something and so I put a plug in there so I wouldn’t feel so empty.  

I went to bed sopping wet and woke up in the same condition. and possibly even more horny than I was the night before.

Since Thursday I have been wearing a homemade crotch rope from the twine on and off throughout the day, as well as plugging my pussy, just so I can feel full, while also feeling a bit of thrill from going out in public and hoping that maybe just maybe someone somehow knows what a filthy girl I am. Last night I made my throne again, but was only able to get two edges in before I had to ruin another orgasm. 

I really must work on holding them back, but in my denied state I don’t know if that is possible anymore. 

As I type this out I am once again sitting on my throne, occasionally sliding up and down and really really enjoying the fullness of my cunt. I’m going to edge myself once before leaving to go to the movies with my friends while wearing my crotch rope and having a plugged pussy so I can come back and resume my seat on my throne. 

Overall I just have to say a huge thank you to the man behind SpankingTheatre for my naughty adventures this week, and probably a lot more in the future!

Many thanks to @foryourpleasureee for writing up her experiences. I hope she’ll be sitting on her panty-pulling chair reading this, seeing the likes accumulate, the nods of all other readers who she’s aroused and inspired.

And for those who haven’t encountered the series of naughty games I’ve posted over recent years, here’s the complete list:

So, if newcomers are stumbling upon these challenges for the first time through this post, I wish you all some very enjoyable playtimes. And many exciting, inventive and arousing games of self-discovery…

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