Of course.

Being undressed and intimately scrutinised is an important part of a proper  spanking. If I deem discipline necessary, my playmate knows her bottom is mine to do with as I wish. She will be granted no modesty, if I decide her bottom will be wiped, it will be. If I decide she will stand in the corner spreading her buttocks, that’s precisely what she’ll do.

If I decide to conduct an intimate examination, as she lies on her back with her legs spread wide. I shall. She might protest, but I hear her sighs as my gloved fingers tug open her vulva, and I can see her seep as the lubed thermometer slips into her bottom.

Perhaps you’re imagining that now, an experience of mortifying embarrassment, yet one that’s intensely arousing. My voice, dispassionate and professional, telling you this is just the way it has to be. That all naughty girls have to be examined before they get their bottoms spanked.

Sometimes I conduct inspections after she’s been put over my knee. Spreading her sore spanked cheeks apart
to reveal her tight little bottom hole. Her arousal unmistakeable. Evasion impossible.

Her face burning hot with shame as the lubed stem of the thermometer pushes inside her. Or perhaps I’d conduct my inspection just as I put her to bed, as she laid obediently on her bed, nightie pulled up to her
chest, her legs raised high in the air, revealing the pretty pink patches I’d gifted to her bum and thighs.

Your disciplinarian would see everything, of course. Your desperate shame adding to the
erotic thrill. But, just like all the best acts of discipline,
temperature taking is performed “for your own good”. It might be
embarrassing, but it’s done because your carer cares about you – and
that simple fact is the most erotic reason of them all…