Is that how you’d like to be spanked, dear reader?

Cuffed by your wrists and ankles, belts pulled tight across your torso, securing you in place, denying you the freedom of the merest wriggle.

Then you’d feel the cold tacky bulb of the wand intrude between your slit. A skilled disciplinarian would place it carefully, of course, so your clit is never touched by its buzzing head. Instead you’d feel its vibrations on your lips, and tingling against your perineum.

The switch is flicked. The torment commences. Stinging whacks against your helpless bottom. Whilst the infernal buzzing makes you seep. 

You try to move, to shift just a bit lower, to feel those powerful tremors against your throbbing clit. But the bench is too sturdy, your bonds are too tight. Another stinging smack lands, as you strain, mere millimeters from blessed relief.

I wonder how many readers put vibrators between their legs as they read these stories. Or how many place a vibe on their pile of pillows when they bend over to spank themselves.

For those who dream of spanking benches, that can be your assignment.

My story Ups and Downs features a spanking bench, read it as you’re bending over. Read it as you smack your bottom, as the vibrations throb between your legs. Read it as you imagine your disciplinarian punishing you, as they whisper in your ear, warning you of the consequences if you ever dare to come…