Firstly, exhibitionism is play for mature, responsible adults. Do not
pursue it if you’re anxious, or are really just seeking the approval of

I’d only recommend it to those who possess the mindset of
models, those who are so proud of their own bodies that nothing is more
satisfying that displaying themselves, and being admired.

It can
be a cruel world. Some people are mean. If you don’t have a strong
self-esteem, how will you react when someone trolls you, when they
criticise you for being ugly, or fat, or disgusting. If your mentality
is strong, nothing anyone can say will hut you, because put simply,
their views are irrelevant. You don’t care.

There are no tasks I
can set that will boost your self-esteem, that comes from an inner sense
of confidence, of having your life under control, of a series of
accomplishments that grow your own personal level of satisfaction with
your life.

If you have that confidence, and you want to flaunt it. You have my congratulations.

Now, you can begin revealing yourself.

And I would begin by asking you a question, what is your motivation?

being seen one of your strongest fantasies? Do you imagine being a porn
star, knowing that your allure will inspire thousands to masturbate
over you?

Or are you an artist? Is your nakedness a canvas for
self-expression, do you want to create erotic magery that’s never been
seen before?

Or are you inspired by the adrenaline rush of doing something illicit?

As for ideas, I would hope my stories are full of ideas you can stage.

naughty games series has lots of ideas too, perhaps you’d like to be
seen on a Panty Pulling Chair or doing Ups and Downs. Or impaling
yourself on a dildo, pegging yourself to a clothesline, or straddling a

Or creating your own visual story, of how you report to your audience for a thorough inspection, of both your holes. Which might also involve a figging.

Or perhaps you’ll draw yourself, and leave the intimate details to your viewers’ imaginations.

Your body, your fantasies, your choice.

Have fun.