Brats who resist the righteous imposition of discipline will forfeit the one thing they want the most.

Take a moment, and think. What do you think that longing is?

It’s not orgasms. It’s much more subtle than that.

Brats who won’t behave forfeit their right to my attention. Because if your partner has gifted their submission, and you have earned the right to their obedience, it is your presence – your authority – that your partner seeks above all else.

So if my instruction to bend over is ever ignored, or quibbled with, or met with a cheeky reply. I never lose my temper, or drag my charge roughly by the hand, I merely smile, and say: “I’m waiting, young lady”.

She might continue to act up, of course. But I have patience, I have something she wants above all else. My satisfaction. I am the arbiter and enforcer of her rules, she knows her obedience is what pleases me most, and that her lack of discipline creates a gnawing void inside her soul.

I might ignore her, busy myself with writing, or smile teasingly at her childish attempts to win back my attention. I might escalate her sense of loss, describing in salacious detail all the pleasures she’s lost through her bratty insolence.

Her resistance never really lasts for long.

And when she ultimately finds herself desperately pleading to be spanked and inspected, that’s the sweetest sound of all.