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October 2018

Erotic Ghost Stories

a writer, I like to think there’s more to eroticism than just
descriptions of sexual activity. Sure, there are plenty of kinks to
describe, and no end of possible scenarios exploring every avenue of
powerplay and pleasure. But I believe there’s also a darker, more
psychological side, exploring shadow themes like trepidation and
anxiety, transgression and escapism, and suspense and uncertainty.

why each Halloween, I set out to write an erotic ghost story. Those
familiar with the Gothic style will recognise the tropes, the pained
reminiscences of a narrator, haunted by visions and tormented by their
own desires.

might think an erotic ghost story is an oxymoron. So here are a few
ideas for enjoying darker stories, and creating a playtime with a
macabre twist…

The Captive

you’re held captive in a dungeon. Tie a wrist, a collar or your panties
to the frame of your bed. Alternatively, tie your ankles to the front
legs of a chair to hold your legs open. If your chosen scenario demands
you are kept quiet, put your panties in your mouth to muffle your
screams. Turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your

are you imprisoned? Perhaps you’ve been kidnapped or captured for
ransom, perhaps you’re a rebel or pirate awaiting execution. Spank,
pleasure and torment yourself as your imagination demands.

The Candle

cross-legged and naked, with just a single long thick candle for
company. Put a condom on the blunt end, light the wick at the other, and
turn out the lights. Put something underneath you (like scrap paper) to
catch any dripping wax, then read the story as you masturbate with the
candle — without letting it go out.

it does go out, give yourself a two-minute spanking in the dark as a
forfeit before you re-light the candle. If you like the burning
sensation of molten wax, play with the candle above you, otherwise angle
the candle away from you, with something underneath to catch the
dripping wax. Perhaps you’ll be creative and use your candle to roleplay
a witches’ coven, or an exorcism, or a seance…

The Magic Wand

on your wizard/witch’s robe (a sheet will suffice), with nothing
underneath. As you read the story, cast spells with your magic
wand — they might be protection spells, seeing spells, or punishment or
pleasure spells that allow you the magician to vicariously experience
aspects of the story.

you own one of those old-fashioned wands — a stick, ruler or rod — cast
your spells with smacks to your hands, thighs and bottom. If you have
one of those new high-tech vibrating wands, you may cast your spells all
over your body (and not just between your legs).

You might even want to go for a ride on your broom. Have you ever noticed how a witch rides with her broomstick right between her slit, tilted upwards to press her clit? Then you should read this.

The Bedtime Story

someone to put you to bed, and read you a creepy story by candlelight.
The reader doesn’t need to be in the same location as you, they can read
it over a video chat. If they are nearby, it means reassuring hugs,
rubs and cuddles during the scary bits. You might even find the story
literally scares the pants off you.

be sure to ask for your storyteller’s permission before touching
yourself, or your might find yourself pulled out of bed for a spanking,
before being made to stand in the corner with a sore bum in the dark…

is a great excuse to explore and experiment with darker, more shadowy
themes like trepidation and anxiety, transgression and escapism, and
jeopardy and torment. If you have a partner, and like the idea of
Halloween-themed playtime, you might want to share this post with them.

Invite a story into your imagination

these ideas have piqued your interest, and you’d like to read something
darkly erotic this Halloween, here are a few suggestions:

  • Fall
    is set on a Halloween night, in 1950s New England. The spooky
    woods where witches were once said to dwell have since been replaced by a
    staid and boring suburbia. And a group of teenagers, now too old for
    pumpkin parties, embark on their own pulse-quickening
  • Runaway is a story about escapism and erotic submission. Because you can’t run away without ending up somewhere.
  • Glimpse
    is one of my personal favourites. A dark ghost story of erotic
    temptation and punishment. A warning though, this is no story of cartoon
    ghosts, this is a Halloween story in the spirit of Poe and MR James, as
    dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.
  • Grimoire is a tale of invaded minds and dark obsessions, of enchanted books and well-spanked bottoms.
  • Stolen Essence mixes the supernatural and the kinky, featuring passages
    that are surreal, fantastical and dream-like. Heavily inspired by
    Gothic tropes, this one is a dark, psychological story which, which rewards the careful reader with several possible interpretations as to what
    actually occurred…

The best erotic ghost stories are eerie, bleak  – and  yet – exciting.

If you must have nightmares…

They should be marvellous, panty-soaking nightmares.

Sex Magick – A Halloween Story


By @missfesterworth from an original idea by spankingtheatre.

Popularity doesn’t necessarily equal exclusivity.

in other words, just because you may have heard of the most POPULAR
school of Witchcraft in the United Kingdom, that doesn’t necessarily
mean its the ONLY such school that exists.

For not all witches and
wizards are created equal. Some children born into magical families are
blessed and exhibit their magical talents from an early age. Some,
sadly, never exhibit any magical talents at all.

And some witches
and wizards must wait until they come of age to inherit their magical
powers. These magical powers, once received, are some of the most
ancient and complex magical powers of them all. For they rely on the
energy of the erotic to perform their magic.

In other words – Sex Magick.

Magick is even more difficult to master than its non-erotic
counterpart. It requires a great deal more self-discipline to control
due to the complex cocktail of softly shimmering hormones brewing just
below the surface. The nature of the magick is such that it arrives just
when men and women are beginning to discover their own sexuality. The
witches and wizards must be taught how to recognise these powers, yes,
but also to contain their powers and control them before they can begin
to harness them to perform any sort of a spell. For if they don’t learn
to control their urges and contain their magic to be utilised properly,
the results can be…catastrophic.

Therefore, the education of these
so-gifted witches and wizards once they’ve come of age and awoken to
their powers is undertaken by the Amatorius Academy of Eros Witchcraft
and Wizardry.

The academy is run as a boarding school, so the
students live there while undertaking their instruction. There are
mandatory subjects that the students must study, and lessons to attend,
of both the theoretical and practical variety. Unlike most schools, the
first day of term at the Academy begins on October 31st every year, on
the day when the veil between the natural and the supernatural is at its
thinnest, and witching powers are at their peak.

Due to the
nature of the magic being performed, there are, of course, strict rules.
These rules are FAR stricter than you may even expect to find at a
boarding school, and any straying from them results in swift and
thorough punishment. The punishments are normally left to the discretion
of the Headmaster, and almost always include corporal punishments.
Chastising the flesh has been found over the years to be the most
effective manner to teach discipline and control when dealing with
erotic energies. If the Headmaster is too busy to oversee a punishment
personally, or there are multiple culprits to chastise in one session,
he may rely on enchanted canes or paddles to administer the whacking,
leaving him free to see to other tasks.

Most First Year students
are most keen to learn to fly when they enter the Academy. For flying,
of course, is one of the most common principles associated with
witchcraft. Everyone has seen the age-old images of witches riding their
broomsticks across a full moon on Halloween night. Therefore, flying is
of utmost importance, and of course one of those mandatory courses at
the academy that all first year students must take.

Broomstick flight, for those who rely on Sex Magick, is a little different in principle than most can imagine.

pupils arrive for their first Flying theory lesson, bright eyed with
excitement. The professor of this subject is a formidable middle-aged
wizard called Professor Roux. It is clear from his demeanour that no
misbehaviour in these lessons will be tolerated as he calls the class to
order and begins to describe how broomstick flight operates. Woe betide
anyone who isn’t paying close attention, and taking notes!

and foremost, undergarments are NEVER worn by a witch or wizard who
practices Sex Magick. For the power of flight can only be harnessed by
the broomstick held in-between their legs if it comes into direct contact
with their most intimate area.

For witches, undergarments would
prevent the transfer of her body’s natural lubricant, and thus the
transfer of magic, from reaching the broom and flight would be
impossible. For wizards, their brooms are fitted with a cockring. The
cockring utilises the blood flow to an erect penis for the transfer of
magic necessary to achieve flight. Arousal for both sexes is ESSENTIAL
when they mount the broom, or the broomstick can never fly. The long
cloaks worn by wizardkind preserve their modesty, hence the long
cultural association with wizards and cloaks…

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Soon, the witches will be aflight…

A Good Spanking



When talking about discipline, isn’t it funny how the idiom we tend to use is a good spanking?

Spankers don’t promise a bad spanking, a dreadful spanking, or even a painful spanking. The adjective we prefer to use is a positive one. 

You’ll be getting a good spanking…

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A reminder, for the naughty.

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Inspired by this post, this wonderful addition to the spanking implements gallery was created by the very talented the-things-i-draw. Bravo!

Mathematical Discipline

The ruler always sets things straight.

A bottom smacked by Newton’s Laws.

Then sent to stand in the classroom’s right-angle.

Skirt up and knickers down.

This little problem has now been solved.

And put on display for all to see.

Hi, I love your blog and I enjoyed your last post about sexual confidence… I have an incredible shame of my kinks, to the point I cry when thinking about them and can’t talk about them at all. I’ve even troubles confessing them to myself. Once I found a girl with the same interests and confessed my kinks to her, but now our friendship is not sane anymore and I’m afraid to end it because she knows my secret… do you have any suggestions? I’m desperate. Thanks in advance


I’m very sorry to hear that your kinky side is currently bringing you such sorrow, rather than joy.

But you are certainly not alone. All across the world there are people whose upbringing and social taboos have made them deeply ashamed of who they are, and how they feel.

What you’re experiencing now is no different to what generations of gay people  felt before coming out. That crushing sense of shame, a feeling of somehow being all wrong. Human beings are social animals, in the past, being cast out from the tribe could have been a lethal consequence of not fitting in. So we’re mentally wired to feel a deep unease when we don’t conform.

Being kinky, like being gay, is simply a sexual preference – albeit one that goes against the mainstream hetero-normal view of what sex “should be”. 

In 2017, no right-minded person would think of shaming someone for being gay. Society is more accepting of different sexual preferences now. Your challenge is to become more accepting of yourself – to build up your own esteem, to come to understand that your kinks make you unique and deeply interesting, not weird and dirty.

Please don’t develop an anxiety about people “knowing your secret”. I know people can be malicious, and sometimes what’s said or done in the bedroom can be used to bully and humiliate. But as I wrote in the post on sexual confidence, it’s an important life skill to learn to dismiss shamers and bullies.

“It’s a grown-up thing, man. You wouldn’t understand…”

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Here’s a message worth repeating, for all those embarrassed and ashamed of what turns them on.

Many misinterpret the powerful erotic feelings of their sexuality as something bad, deviant or filthy. But really, eroticism is a thrilling energy. One of the most powerful creative urges you possess.

Your fantasies are a gift. Embrace them, harness them, enjoy them.

The Sit-Down Dance: part 1


Every girl in the school knew about it, even if they’d just heard the whispered rumours. They talked about it ominously, like a ghostly legend, or a terrible curse. And when it was discussed, it was only ever in hushed voices and the merest mumblings. It was the threat that hung over them all, the most feared punishment, the just deserts awaiting the perpetrators of the very naughtiest misbehaviour.

How many times had a group of friends begun to scheme some illicit hijinks, only for one of them to stop, and suddenly exclaim: “We can’t do that! We’d all do the Sit Down Dance for sure!”

There was no greater shame than to be summoned to the front of the class, having finally exhausted your teacher’s patience. And then having to stand there, head bowed, as she scribbled your name and misdemeanour onto a little red-bordered card. All while your classmates were excitedly whispering and sniggering just behind you…

“The Sit Down Dance! She’s going to do the Sit Down Dance!”

There was no greater embarrassment than pushing through the double doors of the staff wing, an area normally strictly off-limits for pupils, once the final bell of the school day had rung. Clutching your little red-bordered card to your chest, proffering it to each passing teacher, your pass to the inner sanctum, shirking with shame as they read your name and your crime, scowling disdainfully.

And there was no greater anxiety than trudging down the long corridor, past all the staff rooms and the Headmistress’ office. To shuffle inevitably towards the Punishment Room, tummy tumbling with trepidation.

The door to that notorious room was old and heavy, a dark mahogany hunk that looked incongruously out of place amidst the school’s modern decor, like a pirate ship had somehow been moored at the end of the corridor. Even just turning the ornate brass handle gave the feeling you were about to leave the modern world behind and step beyond into the captain’s cabin.

Visitors saw a small brass plaque mounted at eye-height, a few lines engraved in cursive writing for those about to enter to ponder. It was a quotation from long ago, from when school itself had still been young.

Heaven is not always angry when he strikes,

But most chastises those

Whom most he likes.

– John Pomfret

Alice could feel the dampness of her own palm as she gripped the handle, but after a moment’s hesitation, she pushed the heavy door ajar.

Yet no matter how many times Alice had visited the Punishment Room, the world beyond that antiquated door never failed to surprise her…

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Next in the alphabetic retrospective of stories you might have missed is the epic four-part tale The Sit-Down Dance, its constituent parts being:

This story was an opportunity to revisit some of the characters I’d conjured into being in Punishment Panties a few years earlier, and was a world I greatly enjoyed revisiting. I’d had this story planned in my head (and sketched out in my notebook) for so long, so it was very satisfying to finally to be able to render it into written
words. 33,000 words as it turned out, the story grew in the telling.

Here’s a review that nicely captures how this story was received by many readers, judging by my inbox. And, in case you’re curious, some pictures of a naughty young lady doing The Sit-Down Dance courtesy of the lovely @asajones2.

What readers have said about this story:

“At the end of the story, I found myself grinning, curled into my
pillows, yearning to know what happens next! The vivid imagery, the wildly creative antics.,I’m finding myself a little tongued-tied at the moment, legs still
wobbly from post orgasm bliss, fingers trembling from the vigorous
rubbing they had just partaken in. I adored it. Truly!“

“I am amazed by how much Sir’s writings arouse me. So many details
in your stories seem like they have been plucked directly from my most
shameful desires. And when it came to this story there were so many of

Being summoned in front of the class to get your little red card,
everyone knowing what’s awaiting you when lessons are over. The walk to
the punishment room and having to show your little badge of shame to all
the teachers you pass. The imagery of the punishment room and the
girls’ preparation. And then the actual punishment, Sir.

It delighted me in such a wicked and shameful way! The position the
girls have to assume and the constraints to assure they retain the
proper posture. The tugging down of the panties and the inspection! The
tissue, Sir, and hav-… having your bottom wiped. The mere idea of
being sat on the potty, piddling like a little girl. Your Mistress or
Sir having to wipe you dry. How can things so debasing be at the same
time so arousing, Sir?” 

What do you think?

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