I started this blog because I’d written some spanking stories for the private amusement of myself and some play partners long ago. I had greatly enjoyed creating them, and it had seemed a shame to keep them to myself. After all, stories die without readers to imagine them. 

So I created this blog, originally as a place to post erotic screenplays that could be rendered in the strange distant theatre that dwelt between each faraway strangers’ ears.

And then, in free moments and dark nights, I began writing new ones.

Over time, the stories began to grow in length, and develop in style, complexity and sophistication. Readers began to follow me, and share what I’d scribbled. Some even wrote back, to tell me how much joy the stories had brought them.

And given these are erotic stories, it does not require much imagination to realise what kind of joy was being experienced. An intense, gasp-inducing, physical form of joy. Over the years, these stories must have inspired tens of thousands of orgasms, a realisation that brings me considerable satisfaction.

Yet as life has got busier in recent years, my opportunities for writing have diminished. But when I do write, I still get the same buzz of I’ve always done, the visceral thrill of conjuring new worlds, of summoning new fantasies, of spinning words and sexuality into an evocative golden braid.

So, to all those who’ve supported and encouraged my writing with over the years, I hope you know I consider you the most wonderful souls. To those who’ve inevitably drifted away, know that I miss your voices, and hope your lives are filled with happiness. And that also you’re getting your bare bottoms spanked on a regular basis.

And to those who return to reread the contents of this illicit little library, I shall always be honoured and humbled by your presence.

Your joy is my joy, and you’ve made me very happy indeed.