The naughty games are back, with a new batch of playtime ideas for adventurous minds!

As I wrote in a previous post, an unexpectedly popular fantasy among readers of this blog is being strip searched.

many, this might seem excessively weird. After all, no-one really wants
to be strip-searched, do they? A humiliation reserved for suspected
lawbreakers, or convicted prisoners. Surely no-one would willingly want
to be subject to such deprivation? But that would be to misunderstand
the nature of erotic fantasies, often they are not aspirations, but the
eroticising of circumstances that we would horrified to find ourselves
in. A taboo can fuel the hottest erotic fire.

This game describes how to play out a strip search fantasy in the privacy of
your own home. It can be played alone, where you search yourself, or with a partner. And if you
like to switch, perhaps the one being searched will be decided by the toss of a

Optional props:

  • a full length mirror
  • a pair of latex gloves (available from a pharmacy)
  • some lubricant

To play, first, establish your setting.

Perhaps you’ve been caught trying to smuggle something through an airport. Or you’ve been caught masturbating in a public toilet or a public park. An officer of the law has seen you with your fingers deep in your slit and suspects you may have been hiding something there. So you’ve been arrested and taken to a police station for investigation.

Or perhaps you’ve been convicted of a crime and have just arrived at the prison. If you have velcro cuffs, you might want to put them on as you imagine yourself in custody. Perhaps prison rules dictate new arrivals are shaved bare before they’re searched.

The authority figure you imagine searching you can be the same gender as yourself, or if you prefer, a different one. Depending of which would be more humiliating, and arousing.

The strip-search protocol dictates that the subject slowly undresses themselves in front of a full length mirror. Fold each garment neatly as you remove it, and imagine having to pass it to the authority figure who’ll be examining you.

Now stand naked in front of the mirror for at least 5 minutes with your hands on head. The search protocol demands this wait as it leads to a more compliant subject, as their skin cools and their adrenaline level diminishes.

If you have latex gloves, put them on now. Make sure you sniff them, the clinical smell is very evocative for many, of clinics and examinations for some and of freshly unwrapped condoms and that delightful moment just before a fucking for others.

The search protocol mandates the following five inspections, each to be performed standing in front of a mirror.

#1 Inspection of Head

The subject should open their mouth, and explore inside with their fingers, checking the teeth and under the tongue. Then proceed to examining the face, in particular the nostrils, eyebrows and cheeks, around and behind ears, before thoroughly searching their scalp and hair. Conclude with an examination of the neck and throat.

#2 Inspection of Chest and Arms

The subject should lift their arms to reveal their armpits. Then extend each arm forwards in turn, and rub their gloved hands along the opposite arm, starting at the armpit, then covering every patch of skin until the hand is reached. The fingers should then be splayed, and the areas between them and under the nails examined. Then repeat for the other arm using the other hand.

If the subject is female, a full breast and nipple inspection can begin. Begin at the armpit, and begin circling each breast in turn, gently padding the skin as if assessing whether the breast is natural or artificial. Ensure that the nipples are pinched and tugged firmly to conclude.

#3 Inspection of Tummy and Legs

Continue down from the chest, examining the navel, before paying special attention to the public mound. It should be stroked gently, especially if the subject is shaved bare and exquisitely sensitive. Avoid the genitals for now.

The subject should then bend over and run each hand down the opposite leg in turn, paying special attention to the area behind the knee, the regions between the toes, and the sole of each foot.

#4 Inspection of Genitals

For female subjects, this begins with a full inspection of the vulva, as described in the post Inspections for Girls. The subject should be standing in front of the mirror, so they can follow every detail of their examination, as their labia are parted, and every furrow of their slit and perineum is inspected.

When the clitoris has been exposed, tugged back and examined, a deep vaginal inspection can begin, initially with the index finger of your dominant hand. Lubricate this finger if necessary. Probe inside, stroking the ridges of the anterior wall until the vagina loosens enough to accomodate a second finger. The search protocol mandates that the inspector’s fingers enter as deeply as possible to detect any illicit contents.  

Meticulous searchers might also try probing with a large dildo, but do not allow the subject to orgasm.

For male subjects the search protocol  involves examining the testes and scrotum, and then the length of the penis. If the subject is not circumcised, tug the foreskin back behind the glans, and wait for the penis to harden. The penis should be fully erect before the glans and urethra are inspected.

#5 Inspection of Buttocks and Anus

Once the genitals have been thoroughly examined, a thorough Bottom Inspection can commence. Begin by inspecting the skin of the buttocks, before splaying the cheeks to examine the cleft, using the mirror to see into every part of the crevice.

Then the middle finger of the dominant hand can be lubricated, and slowly worked into the anus. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing the finger if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent. Meticulous inspectors might try penetrating with an anal dildo or filling the bottom hole with a butt plug.

Bonus Ideas

After each stage of the search has been completed, stop to take notes, as if you were compiling an accompanying report of the search. This would include what was found during the inspection, and how the subject responded to the examination. Arousal may be recorded, and subsequently used as evidence. Masturbation immediately after a search is quite forebidden, but perhaps you’d imagine someone stumbling across the report of your search later, and climaxing as they read all about your degradation.

After all stages of the search have been completed, have the subject kneel in front of the mirror, inserting a finger of their left hand into their anus. Female subjects can simultaneously insert a finger of their right hand into her vagina, whilst male subjects hold their erections. Leave them in position to appreciate their predicament, and imagine what might be coming next…