Tumblr is destroying what once made it so great.

This is a massive shame, and a source of personal sadness. For several years, Tumblr was a community I was honoured to be part of, the support of those kind readers who stumbled across my early work encouraged a period of extraordinary creativity.

Those stories will live on, if not at a Tumblr address, then someone else. In its place, we’ll build something even better. I shall shortly start deleting any posts featuring images of nudity, and convert this site into a text-based blog. This might save this blog from deletion, but it’s likely erotica posts will be made private, disappearing from your feed, ultimately to become inaccessible.

So, for erotic content creators like myself, it is time to plan our migration.

If you’d like to continue following Spanking Theatre, I’d recommend you do the following:

1. Years ago I created a backup blog at spankingtheatre.wordpress.com, the archive of all my past posts will continue to live there. I’d encourage you to bookmark it, and if you’re a WordPress user, you can follow me there. I just need to tidy up the navigation. I should start posting new content there in the new year.

2. If you’re a Twitter user, you can follow me at @spankingtheatre – this is a good channel for news, announcements and content I’ve retweet, I tend to focus on the psychology of eroticism, sex-ed and sexual confidence.

3. If you’re a Medium user, I’ve recently been cross-posting some of my stories to medium.com/@spankingtheatre. The minimalist aesthetic is quite conducive to reading so you might want to follow me there.

4. If you’re a FetLife user, you can find me at fetlife.com/users/1661198, I haven’t been particularly active here, but I might start posting there more often if it gets a new lease of life from Tumblr refugees. Feel free to send a friend request, mention your tumblr username if I know you!

5. Reblog this post, help spread the word to your fellow readers, and together we’ll meet again on the other side, and build something even more wonderful.

The story will continue.

The theatre between your ears will endure.

Will you join me on a brand new adventure?