An anonymous reader writes:

Even just reading your Inspections For Girls post got me soaking wet, I had always wanted to be inspected like that.

had spent all day thinking about what I had planned for the evening. I would be laid out on a bed, imagining a group of people inspecting and
touching my naked body as I had to remain motionless.

As you suggested, I
chose a little soft brush and cotton buds to do my self
inspection. By the time I had undressed and folded all my clothes into a
neat pile my slit was already wet.
My body was trembling with excitement as I lay down, sorting my
instruments next to me in preparation.

started with my breasts. My hands first, fingers creating swirls from
top to bottom, gliding over the smooth, soft skin. I then used the
little brush to create another set of swirls,
that ended at my hard nipples. The little flicks of the brush on the
sensitive area made me press my thighs together, as I felt the slick growing
even more.

dipped a cotton bud into cold water and continued to test my restraint.
The cold touch made me moan with pleasure, my nipples now achingly hard. I
pinched and pulled at them, trying not
to make too much sound and give away my obvious pleasure.

per Sir’s guide, I moved on down to my thighs. I used my fingers to
push and prod the soft skin, followed by the brush to gently tickle me. I
quickly found my brush straying to
the thigh crease, and I couldn’t help spreading my legs wider to reach every inch I could.

hands took over as I explored my smooth tummy and down towards my
shaven pussy. I used both fingers to tease down the sides of my slit,
never going close enough to become distracted.
I pushed and prodded and pulled my lips apart. Using a mirror I saw my
creamy slit drenched from what I had done so far. My lips were all puffy
and swollen, dying for attention.

the hard end of my brush I traced my folds, teasing myself as I reached
more sensitive areas of my slit. As I swirled the small tip I could
hear my slick as I got even wetter,
my chest heaving as I struggled to maintain my control.

pressed the end to my perineum. It’s a place on my body I’ve never paid
much attention to, but pushing on the sensitive skin made my pussy
flutter with excitement.

my fingers I pulled my puffy lips apart again and observed my exposed,
little pink clit in my mirror. It took everything not to give in and rub
furiously, but I was a good girl.
Using the soft end I brushed gently, my body twitching as I tried to
keep my legs open. I vaguely remember a gasp leaving my mouth. I teased
myself for a long as I could without caving completely!

a little I positioned myself so I could see everything in my little
mirror. I spread my lips apart and my little slit was glistening. I used
the slick to lube my tight hole,
focusing around the edge first. I watched as I pulsed and fluttered at
the intrusion. I pushed a little further enjoying the stretch. Slowly
but surely I pushed my index finger further into my cunt, my walls
squeezing tight as I curled my finger round to touch
my swollen g-spot. Closing my eyes I imagined my inspectors would want
to see how long I could hold a finger before the urge to come
overwhelmed me.

I’m so tight I’ve never been able to enjoy my fingers before, but as my other hand
revisited my nipples and my clit I couldn’t stop the natural rhythm of
my finger, teasing at my G-Spot. My pussy
started to spasm around my hand, and my I felt my arousal spreading
down towards my bottom, over my hand and thighs.

closed my eyes, imagining a group of white-coated men watching me,
taking note of my open mouth, my legs spreading wider, the roll of my
hips against my hand. Would they hear the squelching noises coming from my pussy? Slipping my fingers into my mouth to
muffle my moans I felt so full and like the dirtiest young lady in the
world. After some gentle curls of my finger and some harsh rubs against
my swollen clit I came hard around my finger to
my invisible audience.

Thank you so so much, for the most amazing orgasm.

My pleasure, dear reader.

The intention of the inspection game is to teach patience, that gaining pleasure from your own body is more than just rubbing your clit, in a race to relieve yourself as quickly as possible. It can also be about exploring yourself, discovering sensations and new effects. As you describe so well, playing slowly can have a relaxing effect, allowing you to play comfortably with your fingers in your vagina.

We each own bodies capable of remarkable sensual sophistication. The hot throbbing sensations of a well-spanked bottom feature heavily in my stories, but that’s just one of thousands you might experience. And only if you take the time to explore yourself. You might take a lifetime to discover them all…