The Three Stages of The Sit Down Dance, as inspired by spankingtheatre…

STAGE ONE – get the girl, (in this case, my slave Kate) to sit on two cushions set upon a chair.

STAGE TWO – tie her knickers up as tight and high as you can get them, and tie her hands behind her back.

STAGE THREE – remove the cushions and watch as she struggles and probably brings about her own orgasm as the knickers rub her clit.


If you’ve ever wondered how to create your very own panty-pulling chair this delightful trio of images by @asajones2 illustrates what to do nicely. You can play solo (no need for bound wrists), or you can get someone else to sit you down and tie you up, just like the story describes

Last night I had my first experience with the panty pulling chair. 

I set myself up in black full panties on a rocking chair with three pillows below my ass. I helped my panties a tad by pulling them between my pussy lips and ass crack before tugging them up as far as i could and tying them to the back of the rocking chair. I enjoy pain, and was surprised at how much I was feeling already. 

I sat with my feet off the floor and my sweaty hands tightly gripping the arms of the chair. And then the rocking started. I think I noticed it when I started to squirm in pain (and delighted in the pleasure I felt from the pain). Rocking forward heightened the pain on my clit, which rocking backwards made my bottom hole scream. 

I rocked for just a few moments before craving more, and went to tug a single pillow out. I wasn’t expecting this step to be so difficult! All three of my pillows ended up coming out from below my cheeks. Instantly I felt intense pressure on my clit, pussy, perineum, and asshole. I swore a few more times that is appropriate for a naughty whore. 

Again, the rocking started. Back and forth, alternating between my toes resting on the floor and no toes at all. I started to sweat, my hands shake from the pain, and of course knew I was absolutely soaking those poor panties. 

I struggled for around 20 minutes on the panty pulling chair before knowing I needed to be done. I begged Sir to let me cut the string and be done. Then I decided I didn’t want the pain to end and asked for a few more minutes. Then I decided I actually needed to be done. I think he enjoyed the flustered pain I was in, and the mental argument between sweet relief and awful pain. 

The strings were tied so tightly with so much pressure, I knew they needed to be cut to be let go. I grabbed the scissors I had placed nearby and cut the one string that mattered the most. I wasn’t prepared for the instant snap and sudden change as that string let my ass fall completely to the chair. The pain was intensely wonderful. 

I sat and focused on my breathing for a few minutes before collecting myself and peeled my wet panties down my thighs. I knew I needed to inspect my pink stripe. It was difficult to see on my ass and perineum, but it was clearly there on my pussy. 

I loved my panty pulling experience, and can’t wait to do it again. I learnt that masturbating right after isn’t very appropriate but rather naughty, and perhaps a spanking and corner time while locked into my chastity belt to avoid rubbing my clit in pleasure is more appropriate. 

Thank you to @exercisetocum for this wonderfully evocative account of her panty-pulling play. Using a rocking chair was an inspired idea (if you’re lucky enough to have one), allowing the sitter to adjust their weight, and thus where the most painful friction is felt.

This post also emphasises that keeping scissors nearby is a must, especially if you’re tying your panties to the chair with string, and they’re almost impossible to unknot by hand, especially when they’re behind you.

I suspect this post might inspire others to start exploring the sore joys of panty-pulling.