Every time I masturbate, I must use Icy Hot.


Decided to plan out an elaborate scene. First, I prepared a Panty Pulling Chair with four cushions. Then, I read the amazing story, “The Sit-Down Dance,” written by @spankingtheatre. As I progressed through the chapters, I took out a cushion each time the characters were subject to the sit-down dance. I held my elbows behind my back when I wasn’t scrolling, and kept my legs spread wide as I started on the first part of my journey.

The end of the fourth chapter left me in pain, and very wet. I decided to reward myself after a successful punishment, but of course, my rule makes it so that even a reward is a punishment, in its own way. 

I decided to turn a bug into a feature by focusing on anal. It’s something I’m a little bit fascinated by, even though I’ve never done it successfully, and I hoped that Icy Hot might act like the ginger lubricant the Headmistress uses in the story, allowing me to play more easily with my back door. I searched on Pornhub for “anal rimming fingering fucking”, and found the delightful “I WAS CRAVING ANAL SEX SO I FINGERED AND FUCKED MY ASS WITH A DILDO.” 

I did exactly what the girl did in the video, except with Icy Hot on my fingers, and then slathered over my dildo as my only lubricant. Only managed to get half of it in, so I’m definitely going to try this again, and hopefully be able to fuck my ass deeper next time. Also, didn’t manage to come, unfortunately – but hopefully that’ll come with practice! 

The only question is, do I get an orgasm today? Or should I hold off until I can fit the whole dildo in my ass?

I love how creative readers get with my stories. And there’s several good playtime ideas in this post, although I’d recommend starting with small amounts of ginger or menthol balms like Icy Hot, if you’re new to sensation play, as both can be quite overwhelming for novices. A dab on the bottom hole before a panty-pulling can greatly intensify the experience.