The Detention Desk

Sometimes a young lady finds herself alone in detention.

Her panties have been pulled down and confiscated into her disciplinarian’s pocket. And now she must sit on her bare bottom and write her lines, knowing that when her teacher returns, she’ll be bent over the very desk she’s writing on. Her skirt will be lifted, and she’ll get a good hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Spanked on the bare bottom. How embarrassing! And yet also, exciting.

Her concentration wavers, her grip on her pen trembles, and her bare slit tingles. She thinks: teacher has been so thrillingly strict. And what a naughty girl I’ve been. How aroused that combination makes her feel.

She abandons her assignment, standing to address the desk. The cool varnished wood of the edge of the table glancing against her smooth bare mound. She gyrates her hips, slowly at first, altering her stance so it becomes a teasing pressure on her clit.

She should stop now. Sit back on her seat and complete her lines. But she can not. Soon her disciplinarian will return and she will get her bottom whacked. She imagines what would happen if they walked in right now, as she ground herself against the desk. But that just makes her want it even more.

She craves a longer, firmer pressure, and lifts one leg until she’s straddling the desk. Now the edge of the table runs along her slit, soon slick and sticky with her juices. Her clit rubbed exquisitely on every forward thrust. The perfect rail for her little groove.

In 48 seconds time, the door will open, and this is the position she’ll be caught in. She’ll be told: stay right where you are.

This is the position she’ll be spanked in. Her clit sliding along the slick edge as she recoils with every stinging whack.

And by the end, this is the position in which she’ll come.