Such a challenge has already been written, it’s called Being Naughty.

It suggests several discreet naughty activities, that you might like to try or use as a basis for your own hijinks, such as:

  • Read a spanking story in a public place, like a cafe or a park, so you won’t be able to touch yourself.
  • Go out (to go shopping, or for a run, or to meet friends) without panties, or wearing a butt plug.
  • Go into a cubicle in a public lavatory, or a toilet at a friend’s home, and masturbate.
  • Go
    out and buy a spanking implement, like a wooden ruler, hairbrush or
    some slippers. If you possess a school uniform, wear it underneath your
    coat. Imagine you’ve been sent out by your disciplinarian.
  • Go
    out and buy something with naughty connotations, like a ginger root. Or
    some condoms and a cucumber. Then play with your purchases when you get

And if you’ve any suggestions for discreet naughtiness you’d like to share, just reply to this post, I’m sure your fellow readers would love to read them…