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February 2019

Self-Spanking Challenge #18: Punishment Girdles

The 18th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 18

In the previous challenge, you explored the sensation of a rubber band snap. This challenge involves creating a punishment garment, which delivers an even more intense smack to where you desire it the most…

The goal of this challenge is to make a garment that you can wear beneath your clothes, and be used by yourself (or another) to deliver a quick smack whenever necessary. There are several ways to make it, as this post will describe.

Garment #1: The Rubber-Band Belt

To give you an idea of what this looks like, see this image. I won’t embed it here, Tumblr’s content filter considers it too explicit.

The image shows a ordinary belt worn around the waist, with a rubber band passed through it in two places. The wearer can then step into the belt and pull it up to their hips, just as they would with a pair of panties, and buckle it closed. The rubber band will now be tight against the wearer’s slit, running between their legs and up the crevices of their buttocks to the back of the belt.

Once in place, the rubber band can be twanged anywhere along its length. At the top to smack the wearer’s mound, or lower on her hood or lips. Or perhaps on her perineum or on her bottom hole – regions that are usually difficult to spank because of their inaccessibility. Smacks between the buttocks can be very arousing, especially when coupled with slaps on the bottom cheeks from a conventional implement like a brush or paddle.

Garment #2: The Elastic Thong

The belt and rubber band described above might leave you wanting something that delivers a more intense smack, but is also more discreet and easier to wear under your clothes. To achieve this, you might need to buy some waistband elastic from a dressmaking shop (it’s also easy to find online).

You want to cut the elastic into two pieces. One that will go comfortably around your waist, and one that will pass from your waist down between your legs and back up to the waist again. So you’ll want to measure yourself and mark the lengths you need to cut. Make the crotch length slightly shorter to make it tighter, if you want the smacks to be harder.

Then you can either sew the two lengths together, (or use safety-pins, or tie them). The waist length becomes a loop, whilst the crotch piece will be attached to the middle of the waist loop, at its front and back. The resulting garment will look like a thong, but made of elastic, and perfectly made to measure, making it perfect for wearing over your panties, so you’ll feel the band between your slit all day. Or under your panties. Or with no panties at all.

Then, when you need it, reach underneath yourself, select the point that will be smacked and tug back the elastic, and let go to produce a delightful smack. Or if you have a partner, wear it beneath a short skirt, which they can reach under and snap whenever you’re too bratty.

Option #3: The Elastic Girdle

Whilst the previous two options enabled smacks between the legs, they didn’t cover the buttocks. This design addresses that limitation, adding elastic that runs over the bottom cheeks, enabling a proper spanking to be delivered.

To modify the belt and band of garment 1, you could add a second belt, and pass both belts between the loops of the elastic bands. Position the bands at the middle of each belt, so they’ll be behind you and against your bottom when you put the belts on.

To modify the thong (garment 2), you’ll need to create a band that goes around your thighs, to which short vertical lengths of elastic can be sewn or pinned. The simplest design is a single band of elastic that goes around both thighs, but means you won’t be able to open your legs. For greater freedom of movement, create a couple of garter bands that are worn at mid-thigh, and into which you can sew the vertical straps of elastic that connect to the waistband.

Hopefully this post will have provided some ideas, particularly for those who enjoy sewing and costume making. If you’re proud of what you’ve created, and what to share your creativity, post it with the tag #selfspankingchallenge18.

And in the next challenge, we’ll explore ways of delivering an even more intense sensation between the legs…

Naughty girls should watch spankings

Naughty girls should watch spankings,

and so learn what happens

to those who misbehave.


Naughty girls should never watch spankings

with needy fingers stroking

rubbing urgently between their legs.

Could you ever imagine your strict Teacher

ever permitting such disgraceful behaviour

as discipline is being served?

Naughty girls should watch spankings

silently and respectfully

sitting up straight, or standing to attention.


Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their skirts lifted, or removed entirely,

folded neatly on the classroom desk.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their panties down and bottoms bared,

as if waiting their own turn next.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their own bare slits on display, their shameful arousal

clearly glistening between their thighs.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

thinking of her own disciplinarian

and the sore bottom she is due.

Naughty girls should listen to spankings

nose in the corner, arms folded behind her back

anticipating and imagining every smack.

Naughty girls who watch spankings

and masturbate

are very naughty girls indeed.

See me

After class.

Would you ever expand or do something like your mini bed post story?

I would, I think it’s a wonderful scenario for a longer story. Maybe I’ll turn it into a multi-part epic like The Sit-Down Dance.

Would you like that?

do you know where your story of the schoolgirls made to ride their bedposts i’d caught masturbating? it’s one of my favorite stories and i can’t seem to find it anywhere on your blog

That would be my mini-story Riding the Bedknob.

And for those who tingle with desire at the thought of riding a bedpost, here’s a link to my most recent story, The Naughiest Thing.


Self-Spanking Challenge #17: Rubber Band

The 17th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge!

Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 17

A quick (and discreet) way to replicate the sting of a spanking with everyday items is through rubber bands. And you can experience its sting wherever you desire…

One of the biggest challenges I hear from those keen to spank themselves is the difficulty of doing it discreetly, especially when they live with others. Put simply, the wider the surface area of an impact implement, the louder it is. So whilst hairbrushes or wooden spatulas are commonplace, the loud smack they produce often makes them impractical to use.

Rubber bands, on the other hand, have a tiny impact area. Whilst this means the sensation is concentrated on a very small area, and not particularly painful, it also means they’re very quiet.

So, to begin, simply take a rubber band, and press it against your skin. Stretch the band between your thumb and forefinger, and place against where you want to spank. The inner thigh is a good place to practice on, as it’s easy to reach, but the mons and breasts also make good locations.

Now, without moving your thumb and forefinger, use another finger to pull back the portion of the rubber band that’s against your skin – and then let it go. Don’t pull it too far at first, get used to the stinging sensation as it snaps back, you can always begin to pull it further later.

Short tugs will leave you tingling, longer tugs will soon start to hurt, especially if you keep your fingers in the same place so the band snaps back to the same spot. Repeated smacks in the same place will turn your skin pink, and then red. Watch out for the dots that look like pin-pricks, that’s when you’re starting to damage the capillaries in your skin. You might want to stop before that happens and move onto a different area, otherwise you’ll begin to bruise.

Or course, some like bottom marks. So if you move the fingers that hold the band along in a line as you smack, and snap the band repeatedly, you can begin to create a stripe. Perhaps you’ll be imagining you’re being spanked as you do so, or be watching a video of others being spanked.

As you become more adept, you might be able to hold the rubber band against your buttocks. Here, reaching between your legs can be easier than reaching around. Or better still, if you have a Y-shaped item, (i.e. something shaped like a catapult or wishbone), you’ll be able to stretch the band between it. Not having to hold the band between your fingers will increase your reach and enable you to smack your bottom more easily.

Do experiment with where you smack, depending on your sensitivity, why not try the following areas?

  • inner thighs
  • buttocks
  • breasts (and nipples)
  • bare mound
  • perineum
  • outer or inner labia
  • vaginal opening
  • bottom hole
  • clitoral hood

As you play, perhaps you’ll imagine the stinging tip of a riding crop wielded by a strict governess or your favourite disciplinarian roving your body. Or perhaps you’ll snap your band as you’re watching others being spanked, one smack on screen echoed by one snap of your band.

Afterwards, try describing your experience – what did the snap of the rubber band feel like? How did it compare with other spankings you’ve experienced? And how did the stinging sensation change the longer you played?

If you post your write-up, do add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge17.

And in the next challenge, I’ll introduce you to a way of playing with rubber bands that delivers an even more intense – and interesting – spanking…



A spanking story

The schoolgirls wearily traipsed through time.

They’d begun in ancient Assyria, bright-eyed and fizzing with eagerness, gazing upward with wonder at the monumental winged bulls at the entrance to the British Museum. They are called Lamassu, their teacher explained, sixteen tons of alabaster, hewn almost three thousand years ago, and exquisitely sculpted into a fantastical creatures.

These strange beasts had been buried for millennia, as a succession of mighty empires had risen, fought and crumbled on the sands above them. Now a new empire had uncovered and claimed the statues, and its unimaginable modern magic had transported the immense monuments over land and sea to the imperial metropolis of London.

The girls continued meandering through history, passing the spooky sarcophagi and cryptic carvings of ancient Egypt. Onwards to stare at cases of the slightly more comprehensible domestic pottery of ancient Greece. Until finally the grey-skirted stream of girls had ebbed into Roman times, feet scuffing, heels dragging. Behind teacher’s back, yawns were being stifled, and there were outbreaks of sniggering and nudging when artefacts with willies were sighted.

Yet through the dozy fug of her torpor, something nearby caught Jenny’s eye. She stopped and squinted into the brightly lit case as her classmates milled around her. Inside was what looked like a thin leather strap, discoloured black and desiccated by age. Had the object been intact it would have been as long as her forearm, but instead it lay broken in 4 unequal lengths.

Curiosity piqued, her eyes scanned the caption card beside it.

Leather (likely goat hide)  ~140 BC.
Found: Tiburi (now Tivoli), central Italy, 1855.
“Believed to be a flogging whip, intended for the purification and fertility rites of the festival of Lupercalia. Celebrated annually, beginning on the Ides (the 13th) and climaxing on the 15th of February, these purgative rituals held such significance in the Roman calendar that the month of Februarius was named after them. Although Lupercalia was a fertility rite, scholars believe its proximity to the contemporary St Valentine’s Day (the 14th) is purely coincidental.”

Jenny quivered. Recently, she’d become a reluctant expert on the subject of flogging. Only yesterday she’d neglected to do her Latin homework, and been kept behind after school to finish it. School rules were absolutely clear. Any pupil who missed an assignment would complete her work sitting on a sore spanked bottom…

Keep reading

Wishing you all a very happy Lupercalia.

May all your buttocks be flogged.

And your slits be filled.

I’ve tried panty pulling multiple times but I can’t seem to find a good way to get that telltale stripe between my legs. Attaching my panties to something for long periods of time isn’t an option for me right now since I still live with family. Do you have any tips that could help me get a good stripe? My dominant needs proof that I’ve thoroughly punished myself

Sometimes, as you’re discovering, it can be very challenging to get a good picture of the stripe between your legs. I would hope your dom appreciates this, and knows you’re trying your best. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything, he needs to understand your real-life constraints.

Panty-pulling can be a way of experimenting with erotic pain when actually spanking yourself isn’t practical. If you can’t attach your panties to a chair, you can try tying them to your bedframe, and lie down under your covers.

If you have a very stretchy pair of panties, and can pull them up to the level of your shoulder blades, you might be able to pass your bra straps through your underwear and clip them together.

Or, if your panties don’t stretch that far, tug them up and loop a belt through the leg holes at the back. Then close the belt so you’re wearing it above your hips, then put on another layer of clothes on top of it so it’s not visible to others. This way you can wear your panties pulled tight underneath your clothes for an extended period of time. The longer they’re tight, the sorer and more obvious your stripe will be.

I’ve written another post with tips on how to take better pictures. Where the top advice is use mirrors to obtain better angles, and use the strongest source of illumination you can find, daylight being by far the best.

Take your time experimenting, and don’t allow yourself to feel pressured by others. Remember, all this is play, if it stops being fun, you should stop completely. You can always start again when your domestic circumstances are more conducive, and you have more privacy.

This isn’t so much an ask as it is a punishment suggestion my mistress had. I don’t know where she got it. She discovered that I hadn’t been keeping my pussy properly shaved and took action. She stripped me from the waist down and handed me a pair of tweezers. I was to pluck ten hairs from my own pussy before she shaved the rest of it herself and then gave me a good spanking. She told me the number would’ve been bigger if my hair had been longer. Definitely learned my lesson.

I suspect there’ll be two kinds of reactions to the punishment you’ve described: some will recoil in horror at your mistress’ cruelty, and some will wish they had someone who cared enough to treat them so strictly.

But like all good lessons, it’s one that will long linger in the recipient’s memory. I think many will be shaving themselves much more meticulously on reading this post tonight.

For those I discipline, I’ve found requiring slits be kept bare and smooth to be a popular and very constructive rule. It provides a regular act of devotion, where she can submit to the rules we’ve both agreed. It serves as a continuing reminder of my strictness, one she will feel every time she raises or lowers her panties. And it also provides the pretext for occasional intimate inspections, which some find highly arousing indeed…

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I was curious about your thoughts on spanking a naughty girls slit? I was doing one of your self-spanking challenges and decided to see if I would enjoy it as much as the rest of my spanking – and I think I enjoyed it even more. Would be interested to see some sort of challenge based around that, if others are interested?

Smacks between the legs can be very arousing.

If you’re into spanking yourself, shave your mound bare, then strip so you’re naked below the waist, and sit on a hard straight-backed chair. Spread your legs as wide as possible, and then with your open palm, smack your bare mound.

Add a nice stingy implement, like a ruler, slipper or a spatula, and you’ll be able to achieve all kinds of erotic
sensations, from little taps to breath-taking smacks. With no contortions

Just beware of hurting your clitoris. I’ve found putting a small sticking plaster over the hood can help shield it, at least until you’ve honed your accuracy and got used to the sting.

You can also extend your smacks to land on the upper thighs, which is a perfect location for anyone
unable to spank their own bottom with as much force as they’d like.

Imagine you’ve been sent to detention in a school where teachers are no longer permitted to spank students, who must instead spank themselves between their legs. Imagine what it would feel like to arrive at detention and see a wooden ruler on the desk in front of you, knowing what you had to do next.

Perhaps your pussy is being spanked because you’ve been caught masturbating. Engage your imagination, and let it transport you.

Yes, perhaps I should make a good spanking on the slit the next challenge, shouldn’t I?

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