The 17th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge!

Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 17

A quick (and discreet) way to replicate the sting of a spanking with everyday items is through rubber bands. And you can experience its sting wherever you desire…

One of the biggest challenges I hear from those keen to spank themselves is the difficulty of doing it discreetly, especially when they live with others. Put simply, the wider the surface area of an impact implement, the louder it is. So whilst hairbrushes or wooden spatulas are commonplace, the loud smack they produce often makes them impractical to use.

Rubber bands, on the other hand, have a tiny impact area. Whilst this means the sensation is concentrated on a very small area, and not particularly painful, it also means they’re very quiet.

So, to begin, simply take a rubber band, and press it against your skin. Stretch the band between your thumb and forefinger, and place against where you want to spank. The inner thigh is a good place to practice on, as it’s easy to reach, but the mons and breasts also make good locations.

Now, without moving your thumb and forefinger, use another finger to pull back the portion of the rubber band that’s against your skin – and then let it go. Don’t pull it too far at first, get used to the stinging sensation as it snaps back, you can always begin to pull it further later.

Short tugs will leave you tingling, longer tugs will soon start to hurt, especially if you keep your fingers in the same place so the band snaps back to the same spot. Repeated smacks in the same place will turn your skin pink, and then red. Watch out for the dots that look like pin-pricks, that’s when you’re starting to damage the capillaries in your skin. You might want to stop before that happens and move onto a different area, otherwise you’ll begin to bruise.

Or course, some like bottom marks. So if you move the fingers that hold the band along in a line as you smack, and snap the band repeatedly, you can begin to create a stripe. Perhaps you’ll be imagining you’re being spanked as you do so, or be watching a video of others being spanked.

As you become more adept, you might be able to hold the rubber band against your buttocks. Here, reaching between your legs can be easier than reaching around. Or better still, if you have a Y-shaped item, (i.e. something shaped like a catapult or wishbone), you’ll be able to stretch the band between it. Not having to hold the band between your fingers will increase your reach and enable you to smack your bottom more easily.

Do experiment with where you smack, depending on your sensitivity, why not try the following areas?

  • inner thighs
  • buttocks
  • breasts (and nipples)
  • bare mound
  • perineum
  • outer or inner labia
  • vaginal opening
  • bottom hole
  • clitoral hood

As you play, perhaps you’ll imagine the stinging tip of a riding crop wielded by a strict governess or your favourite disciplinarian roving your body. Or perhaps you’ll snap your band as you’re watching others being spanked, one smack on screen echoed by one snap of your band.

Afterwards, try describing your experience – what did the snap of the rubber band feel like? How did it compare with other spankings you’ve experienced? And how did the stinging sensation change the longer you played?

If you post your write-up, do add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge17.

And in the next challenge, I’ll introduce you to a way of playing with rubber bands that delivers an even more intense – and interesting – spanking…