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March 2019

Naughty Game #21: Inspections for Boys

This is the long-awaited follow-up to Inspections for Girls! This game describes how to intimately inspect those blessed with male anatomy.

Of course, here Boy and Girl are used in the controlling sense, it should go without saying these games for consenting adults. Also bear in mind this game is not cock worship, the aim is to take charge, to inspect the masculinity of a grown man, objectify him, and (if that turns you on) to make him feel like a naughty little boy. After all, you may need to spank him when it’s over.

Like Inspections for Girls, this is a slow game of self-control, where you (or your partner) learn to appreciate yourself visually. This game may be a different kind of play to what you’re used to – the aim is not pleasure the subject. Instead the inspector should keep their touches to a minimum, and when somewhere sensitive is touched, it should be done to further the examination, rather than stimulate for pleasure. At least until ejaculation is intended.

No additional equipment is needed for this game, but a few items might come in handy:

  • a mirror (useful for self-inspections)
  • cotton buds or paintbrush (to help minimise touches, and provide unique sensations)
  • a glass of water (for dipping fingertips / buds / brushes)
  • a butt plug, for bottom stretching
  • lubricant, for deeper anal examinations or prostate massages

The inspection game can be played alone (inspecting yourself), or with a partner (one of you being inspected or both, taking it in turns).

How to Play

The aim of this game is for the observer to visually inspect the subject, (who might be the same person). If playing solo, the subject should experience minimal physical stimulation. If playing with a partner, only the inspector should be doing the touching.

The stages of this game reflect the four phases of the male sexual response:

  1. Arousal
  2. Erection
  3. Ejaculation
  4. Repose (the Refractory Period)

1 – Arousal

The game begins with not just an examination of his physical anatomy, but his arousal response, and the effect being inspected has on his body.

The game should start with the subject in an unaroused, flaccid state. Begin by having him undress completely. If his genitals are not already shaved bare, you might want to do that first.

If he’s already erect, send him to the corner to cool down, have him hold ice cubes against his groin if needs be. Always best to begin with a flaccid, compliant subject.

The inspector may like to sit comfortably, whilst the subject stands naked in front of them.

Begin by examining his penis, as you’ll want to inspect it in its flaccid state before it begins to stiffen again. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight, notice how small it seems in its natural state.

With a fingertip, trace the wrinkles of the skin, and the bulges of its veins. Feel his pulse, and the blood surging through his member, feel how it swells in response to your rubbing and stroking, how its weight increases and its shape changes.

The observer should occasionally dip their instrument of examination in
the glass of water, (whether that’s a fingertip, cotton bud or
paintbrush). This will provide the subject with different friction
sensations, from sensually moist to ticklishly dry.

Observe how it grows, how its length increases. Press it, and notice how it changes from soft and fleshy to spongy, and then eventually to firm, stiff and unyielding.

If your subject has a foreskin, examine if it retracts as the penis swells, exposing the smooth helmet-shaped glans underneath. In some men, the foreskin needs to be tugged back behind the glans before it gets too hard. Examine the smooth purple bulbous flesh, its little slit and the liquid that leaks from it.

Scrutinise the subject’s skin, how it reacts to the lightest of touches, the emergence of goosebumps, how it sweats and blushes.

2 – Erection

Once the subject’s penis is erect, the inspector can appreciate its hardness, before moving on to examine other regions of his body.

Begin with the scrotum, as it’s important that boys have regular testicular checks. Use both thumbs and index fingers to gently touch each testicle through the skin, with your remaining fingers placed behind the testicle to immobilise it. Use a gentle rubbing motion between thumb and index finger to methodically examine each one. Observe too how the once-wrinkled skin of his sac has tightened to as he has become more aroused.

Then move on to examine the perineum, the sensitive area behind the scrotum. This is a good site for stroking with a wet fingertip or cotton-bud. If the inspector is sitting, the subject should bend over, spreading his legs and splaying apart his buttocks to present himself.

This will, of course, also reveal the subject’s bottom cleft and hole, which will also need to be thoroughly inspected. This process is described in a separate post, on bottom inspections.

The powerful muscles of the abdomen, waist and thighs should also be examined, given their important role in thrusting when fucking. This is a good point to ask the subject about his sexual history, whether he has used his penis to penetrate a partner orally, vaginally or anally. Have him demonstrate how he thrusted, with your partially closed lubricated hand as the orifice. But only allow a few thrusts, some silly boys spurt far too quickly.

During the course of your inspection, have you noticed how his breathing changed? This is the effect of testosterone and adrenaline now surging through his blood. Remember that physiologically, his body is priming itself for an intense period of physical activity: the vigorous fucking of a sexually receptive human female.

If the inspector possesses a vagina, she might want to pause and appreciate the physical intent of her subject, what the animalistic side of him would do to her given half a chance. What would happen if she bent over in front of his stiff cock, with her bare pink slit invitingly exposed. The inspector might find herself wet, even if she has no intention of engaging in intercourse, as his erection triggers ancient sexual instincts deep inside her mind…

3 – Ejaculation

This stage of the inspection is optional, as some inspectors will prefer their subject to remain abstinent. But others will want to watch him ejaculate, especially if he under instructions to refrain from masturbating, and the volume of his ejaculate needs to be recorded.

The best way to collect his semen is by rolling a condom down his shaft when the visual inspection stage is finished. As the goal is collection rather than contraception, the finger of a rubber glove can also be used as a receptacle if no condoms are available. If the quantity of semen is being recorded, weigh the condom or glove on cooking scales before and after collection.

There are two main ways to induce ejaculation, manual stimulation of the penis, or anal stimulation of the prostate. The former simply requires rubbing the tip of his penis, as you tell him to be a good boy and come for you.

The prostate massage is more intense, and potentially more humiliating. A latex glove can be worn on one hand, or the middle fingers covered in by condom, which once lubricated, can be slowly worked into the anus. The palm should be facing the same direction as the subject’s penis. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing fingers if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Meticulous inspectors might first try penetrating with an anal dildo or butt plug to stretch his bottom hole wider.

Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent, then curl the fingertip towards the subject’s tummy. You might feel a bulge in the wall of his rectum, tell him to say when he feels you might have found it, then keep stroking with a beckoning motion until he spurts. Prostate massages can also be performed over the inspector’s lap, in the pauses between having his bare bottom spanked.

4 – Repose

If the subject is allowed to ejaculate, the final stage of the inspection is like the first, but in reverse.

Notice how sensitive his penis is after coming. In fact, the skin of males is highly sensitised just after orgasm, and their minds at the most compliant. A secret known by governesses who knew the moments after ejaculation provided the very best time to deliver a well-smacked bottom. Many naughty boys have writhed across their mistresses’ laps, as they’re spanked until they spurt. But such lack of self-control only prolongs their ordeal, their cocks still dripping onto the towel beneath them as their punishment continues.

See how his skin reacts when you tickle and stroke, the goosebumps, the sheen of his sweat and pinkness of where he flushes.

Observe how his penis begins to wilt and soften. Hold it in your hand, and feel how the stiffness becomes spongy, then fleshy, pliable and soft. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight diminish, as if it it’s vanishing before your eyes. Here some might like to tease their subject, pointing out his abrupt loss of virility, and how he now seems to have the willy of a little boy again.

Ideas for Inspection Roleplay

Inspections can be incorporated into lots of erotic roleplaying scenarios. The inspector simply needs to tell the subject why they need to be inspected, and to instruct them to undress. Once the scene is set, the inspector can improvise the rest.

He might be a slave being inspected before purchase by a new Roman master. Or a captive examined by a pirate captain, or a eunuch being admitted into the Sultan’s harem. Or a naughty schoolboy who’s just had his shorts pulled down prior to a spanking.

Where he is playing a captive, like in a prison strip search, he might also be bound or cuffed. Or the inspection might be more informal, like a visit to a doctor or the school nurse. In these scenarios the one inspecting should take special care not to pleasure their subject, and economise their touches like a medical professional, so they leave the subject aching to be rubbed.

Engage your imaginations, and have fun!

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some advice…I recently told my partner that I was interested in spanking and he seemed open to trying it! However, I have a medical condition that makes it uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) to lay on or put weight on my tummy and I’m not sure how being on all fours will affect it. Would you mind sharing with me any ideas for positions/ways in which to receive a spanking? I don’t much care for lying on my back with my legs up…

I’d highly recommend the following well-organised illustrated page to all those interested in exploring the wonderful diversity of spanking positions.

If you want to avoid pressure on the tummy, there’s still lots of potential positions to try. Here’s a few that should be comfortable and won’t require much contortion:

Have fun!

What punishment would you give a girl who’s on no touch and just played and came next to her sleeping master while reading your blog?

First, a naughty girl who breaks a rule so brazenly should humbly present herself for inspection, and confess her indiscretions as her disciplinarian examines the scene of the crime.

Such a naughty girl could then expect to have her pussy spanked. Strict, firm smacks on the places she couldn’t wait to touch.

Any girl touching herself so wantonly might also expect to be put into a punishment girdle, so the smacks can continue in the sensitive places right between her legs.

The spanking should continue to her bottom, until her seat is hot and pink.

Then there is the sin of masturbating without permission to consider. That deserves a sterner punishment, such as a trip to the panty-pulling chair.

The chair should be placed before a screen. So as she dangles with her hands tied behind her back, her tight panties burning between her slit, her disciplinarian can play a series of videos of good girls masturbating to wet, messy, deliriously noisy climaxes.

And then, when she’s eventually released, she can be put in a chastity belt, until her disciplinarian is satisfied that her self-control can be trusted again.

I hope that answers your question, dear reader.

I’m afraid I’m very strict.

Three Heartbeats



A short story

The painting captivated me from the moment I glimpsed it, like a black hole in the gallery wall, capturing wandering eyes with its irresistible gravitational pull.

It had been mounted in one of the little L-shaped alcoves off the main concourse, a gap easy to overlook as one scurried between the artist’s better known works. Two brass posts and a red velvet rope had blocked the way, but curiosity got the better of me and I mischievously stepped over it, peering around the corner, just to see what lay beyond.

I was rewarded by the sight of this little treat. A golden torso, impressionistically rendered, and behind, a figure in a sheer black mermaid dress, her lines sharper, somehow edgier. A straight line cut through the centre, seemingly a stick of some sort. My imagination stirred. It could easily be a cane. And if it was, the radiant figure was about to be whacked.

I could feel my cock now, stirring and slightly heavier between my legs. Now I was glad of my solitude, of this chance to admire this alluring image alone, the bustle and chat of the invited patrons a reassuringly distant murmur.

I stood staring, trying to unravel its strange meaning. The caption card seemed to offer few hints, merely stating its title, “Three Heartbeats.”

“I do have other paintings here you know.”

I recoiled from my reverie, I hadn’t noticed her approach, but now a stylishly dressed lady was standing beside me. I took me a while to understand her comment, to recognise who she was. She was the exhibitor, the one whose works we’d all come here to admire.

“A captivating work” I admitted. “Inspired by personal experience?”

“Perhaps.” she said coyly.

“Tell me.”

Keep reading

Could you do more naughty games for couples by any chance?

Yes, I would like to post more games for couples. Though I have a backlog of new stories to finish first.

In the meantime though, couples might like to try playing the self-spanking games, which are intended to work equally well regardless of whether the spanker is in the same room, or a completely different city.



When I told you my story, I never explained how we played our wonderful Overboard game.

There happens to be a large old oak bench near the back of the Cold Castle Academy chapel. So when we girls decide Overboard is to
be our pastime of the evening, we sneak out of our dorm, and scurry off to the chapel. We close the door behind us. barring it, we do not intend to be disturbed.

Fate decides who will sit, and who will stand. We pass two dice amongst ourselves, each takes turns to roll, the two little ivory cubes tumbling and skittering across the flagstone floor, their black spots glinting in the candlelight.

Whispers. Sweaty palms. Thudding

The bench seats five, but only four will be seated – assigned to those who roll the four lowest scores. The suspense builds as we learn our roles. Those rolling the four highest scores will be their partners.

If its sitters were to take their seats in the regular way, the long wooden bench could comfortably accommodate six. But when playing Overboard, those chosen do not sit on the flat plank of the bench, but on four of the five elegantly carved curved dividers that separate it into seats. By convention, the central divider is left unoccupied.

As befits this ceremonial space, our game proceeds ritualistically, adding to the excitement
of it all. Those who have been chosen to sit must remove their undergarments, before being led by the hand by their assigned partner to the bench.

Each sitter then steps up and onto the bench, straddling the divider, and then bending at the knees to sit down, until her thighs lie either side of it.

The curve is perfectly carved for the female anatomy, a short flat section enough to take the sitter’s weight, which rests against her perineum. Whilst the curve ascends upwards behind her, running between her buttocks. And in front of her mound, is a gently curving rise, circular in section, perfectly shaped to part her lips and press against her mound. It won’t be long until she feels the thin wood intruding between her slit. 

Once seated, the sitter’s nightgown will be lifted, and a quick inspection performed by her partner to ensure she’s properly positioned on the divider’s edge. Then her nightgown is allowed to fall, concealing, for now, her wet swollen lips.

Now the next sitter takes her place, until all four are seated with the wood comfortably between their cheeks, pressing just where it should. It is
nothing orgasmic but the sensation is pleasant.

The sitters are then directed to reach behind their shoulders to grasp the backboard through adjacent triangular gaps. Once their hands pass through the gaps in the frame, they are tied up with their own discarded panties. This is achieved by passing their wrists through one leg-hole of their underwear, then passing the other half of the garment between the wrists twice, and then passing both hands through the other leg-hole. This will keep each girl in position and helpless, completely at the mercy of her partner’s devious mind.

Soon, each sitter is perching on their division, their bare toes dangling just above the cold stone floor, so their own weight presses their slits onto the protrusion they straddle. Yet they can not relieve the pressure by planting their feet on the floor, should even just a toe make contact, the sitter will forfeit the game immediately.

Only when all four girls are tied up, does our game begin in earnest.

Their four partners take it in turns to play, the one with the highest score commences, facing the girl who rolled the lowest. Each partner has 3 minutes, measured by the sands of a procured kitchen egg-timer, to tempt and titillate her seated companion. She might tell a short wicked
story, or stroke her sitter’s naked flesh (but not her slit), or perform an erotic act on herself. Whatever she can do to arouse the seated girl most.

Now, after all these nights of mischief, we’ve come to know our bed-sisters so intimately. We know what turns each other on, what their fantasies are, how to get our friends the most excited.

But when the sands of time have run out, the partner’s little performance must end. Her last act is to ceremoniously lift her sitter’s nighty, revealing just how excited she’s managed to make her.

Why? Well, this is why we call the game Overboard. Quite literally. If the sitter drips her juices down the dividing board that parts her cunny and onto the bench below, her partner wins. And the sitter must pay a
forfeit to the one who made her drip. If not, she stays in the game for another round.

Once the first partner’s time is up, it is the turn of the one beside her. We continue until all four partners have teased their sitters. Then we play a second 3-minute round for any yet to drip. If a sitter survives two rounds of teasing, she is untied and released.

But for those who do drip overboard, a forfeit must be paid.

Some forfeits are paid immediately, whilst the loser is still tied to the bench.

Recently, a losing girl was tickled mercilessly, with her wrists still bound above her head, she was powerless to resist her partner’s devilish roving fingers. Some of the other girls had to hold her ankles to restrain her frantic kicking. She was tickled so hard that she lost control of her bladder, warm pee spurting from between her legs, soaking her nighty and splattering against the divider in front of her, and splashing both her tickling assailant and those who were holding her legs.

How we all laughed! Such japes!

Public spankings are popular too, the sitter having her wrists untied so she can be bent over across the bench. Legs apart of course, we always like to see how wet the losing girls become, and to see the little pink stripe the divider leaves against her swollen slit.

A very devious choice to position a loser atop the thigh of a poor contestant who must try
even harder not to let herself drip, as she watches a girl having her bottom smacked pink just beneath her nose. Their combined weight only increasing the pressure of the divider against her own slit.

Sometimes forfeits are deferred until the next day, or later in the week. One received a very loud bottom smacking across the banister of the
grand staircase drawing the rapt attention of several other dormitories.

Another popular forfeit site is the elliptic knob at the corner where two banisters meet on the 2nd floor landing of the eastern staircase. Many have been sent there without their underwear, to hoist themselves onto the banister rail, and then up again atop the knob.

And there they must sit, sinking further onto the phallic knob, until they are completed penetrated, earnestly hoping that a member of staff won’t walk past, and demand they get off the stair rail this very minute. To dismount with a squelch, and have their lewd secret discovered would be beyond humiliating.

If the girl has a bush, it has been known for the forfeit to require her to shave her mound and slit bare, then spend the following day without panties. The winner would, of course, relish her right to lift the loser’s skirt at regular intervals throughout the day, to inspect the effect of cool air on freshly sensitised skin.

Another had to bend over and submerge her head in a bathroom basin filled with water, whilst her partner lifted her skirt, lowered her panties. She then had to hold her breath as the winner licked and suckled her slit, as her lungs screamed even
more desperately for air. Until she erupted from beneath the water, gasping. Before having her head dunked beneath again.

Another had her bottom hole used as a candle holder, and spent an evening bent over by the victor’s desk, illuminating her pages as she did her homework, as hot wax dripped and congealed between her cheeks.

A particularly memorable recent invention has come to be known as the Aladdin Forfeit. The winner granted herself 3 Wishes, the one who lost became her lamp. On the winner’s command, her lamp had to rub her clit until she came, no matter where she was when the wish was made. How we giggled when the wish was delivered to the lamp as a folded up note, and she had to secretly masturbate to a muffled climax whilst teacher’s back was turned to the class.

Our game is full of unknowns. On some
nights, no one breaks and there are disappointed sighs as the four are untied and dismount,
and we all return to our dormitory aching and unsatisfied.

Yet on other evenings, all four might fold, each dribbling a sticky slick onto the seat below. It grows harder to resist in each successive game, knowing the exciting possibilities of winning – and the shameful privations of losing.

Who knows what your bed-sisters devious minds will imagine.

And who knows if you’ll be sitting on the edge tonight…

Where can a naughty girl find these spankings to watch?

I’m going to pass this question over to my readers.

After all, whilst naughty girls should watch spankings, disciplinarians like myself much prefer to be administering them.

So, if you’ve watched a spanking video (in the proper way, of course), do send me a link to it, and I shall curate a playlist for your fellow readers to respectfully watch.

What kinds of videos should a naughty girl not be watching?

Naughty girls should definitely watch spankings.


But not naked beneath their sheets, with a vibe between her lips.

Fully clothed, in skirt and skirt.

Immaculately presented in the school uniform, that she keeps in her wardrobe for special occasions.

She should watch the spanking of others silently and respectfully. Hands folded on her lap, not rubbing between her legs.

Naughty girls should not watch videos that make them too horny.

No fucking videos or sucking videos.

No videos that might encourage a stroke, then a rub and a loss of control.

All quite contrary to strict school rules.

Good girls practice restraint.

Rule-breakers are disciplined.

Panties lowered.

And bare bottoms smacked.

No, naughty girls should only watch spankings.

Each a regular reminder of the true price of misbehaving.

Naughty girls need to hear the whacks, the pleas and the squeals.

To see how a bottom is bared and pinkened, and petulance crumbles.

And to feel their own slits tingle and tremble, with apprehension and yearning.

I hope you watch spankings like a good girl too.

Self-Spanking Challenge #19: Pussy Spanking

The 19th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 19

In previous challenges, you’ve felt the sensation of a rubber band
or elastic snapping between your legs. This challenge involves experimenting with more intense smacks…

The buttocks are well-suited for spanking, but smacks between the legs can also be very arousing.

As this area is much more sensitive, and easily hurt, so to prevent lasting damage, it’s important to learn where you can smack, the right choice of spanking implement, and how to judge the force of the impact appropriately.

1 Spanking Your Mound

The best area to start experimenting is the mons, the pubic mound. The layer of fat beneath the skin here means both stinging and impact sensations can be felt, just like those on the buttocks. To maximise your sensitivity, you may want to shave or wax your mound bare.

One implement you can try on your mound that’s often impractical for your buttocks is your own open palm. Undress so
you’re naked below the waist, and sit on a hard straight-backed chair.
Spread your legs as wide as possible, and then with your open palm,
smack your bare mound. Try to angle your hand so the fleshy areas at the base of your fingers are making contact, rather than your fingers themselves.

Add a nice stingy implement, like a ruler, slipper or a spatula, and you’ll be able to achieve all kinds of erotic
sensations, from little taps to breath-taking smacks. With no contortions
necessary. You can also extend your smacks to land on the upper thighs.

The key to a good mons spanking is to avoid hitting the clitoris, but to deliver impact sensations that will be felt deep within the clitoral body.

2 Spanking Your Slit

Once you’re familiar with spanking your mons, you might want to try smacking a bit lower. Just beware of hurting your clitoris. You might want to try putting a small sticking plaster over the hood to shield it, or even drape part of a towel over your lap to cover yourself, at
least until you’ve honed your accuracy and got used to the sting.

It’s worth using a softer implement when spanking your more sensitive parts. A palm is a good choice, but an implement with a small flexible surface area is even better. The leather flap of a crop is ideal if you have one, and a thin leather belt also works well. 

Try spanking the outer labia first, and the area around the vaginal entrance. The perineum and the region around the bottom hole can also produce very pleasurable sensations if your implement can reach it. Lying on your back with your legs open can make this region easier to smack.

As you won’t be spanking so hard, the sensations you feel from each smack of your slit are likely to be stingy rather than impactful. There is no need to smack too hard chasing the same feeling you get from a bottom spanking.

Remember that a pussy spanking is as much a mental punishment as a
physical one, involving the delicious frisson of being put on display and being smacked on your most vulnerable area.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that pussy spankings should be shorter and much lighter than those you’d receive on your
bottom. Don’t hesitate to halt if it gets too sore, especially if you’re
being punished at the instruction of others. 

Once you’re confident of where to spank your pussy, and how hard, you can incorporate it into your playtimes. 

you’ve been sent to detention in a school where teachers are no longer
permitted to spank students, who must instead spank themselves between
their legs. Imagine what it would feel like to arrive at detention and
see a wooden ruler on the desk in front of you, knowing what you had to
do next.

Or perhaps your pussy is being spanked because you’ve been caught masturbating – in the dorms, or in the shower – or maybe you’ve even been caught with your fingers in your panties in class. And school rules are very clear on what happens to those caught touching themselves.

As with all good spankings, physical sensations feel so much better when your imagination is engaged too. Improvise a story, and let it transport you…

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