First, a naughty girl who breaks a rule so brazenly should humbly present herself for inspection, and confess her indiscretions as her disciplinarian examines the scene of the crime.

Such a naughty girl could then expect to have her pussy spanked. Strict, firm smacks on the places she couldn’t wait to touch.

Any girl touching herself so wantonly might also expect to be put into a punishment girdle, so the smacks can continue in the sensitive places right between her legs.

The spanking should continue to her bottom, until her seat is hot and pink.

Then there is the sin of masturbating without permission to consider. That deserves a sterner punishment, such as a trip to the panty-pulling chair.

The chair should be placed before a screen. So as she dangles with her hands tied behind her back, her tight panties burning between her slit, her disciplinarian can play a series of videos of good girls masturbating to wet, messy, deliriously noisy climaxes.

And then, when she’s eventually released, she can be put in a chastity belt, until her disciplinarian is satisfied that her self-control can be trusted again.

I hope that answers your question, dear reader.

I’m afraid I’m very strict.