I find it delightful that those who were once so well-behaved are those who fantasise most about being naughty.

Simply because: it’s fun to be naughty.

It’s fun to fantasise about breaking the rules you’ve spent your entire life studiously obeying.

Especially when there’s someone strict to set the boundaries.

This respect for rules is often found in those who’d actually feel incredibly guilty should they ever be caught breaking actual laws, or transgressing social expectations.

But that powerful emotional response can be channelled into powerfully arousing urges. That’s exactly why a desire to be naughty is common theme in erotic fantasies, a psychological outlet for guilt that can be satisfied in private, in the safe, intimate playground of the bedroom.

We want to surround ourselves with nice people, good citizens with no desire to vandalise society or abuse others. So ‘misbehaviour’ for the well-behaved is about taboo breaking, invented little transgressions that damage nothing, yet demand physical punishment from trusted disciplinarians.

That’s why spanking fantasies are so popular. The naughty schoolgirl and her stern headmaster, the young lady and her strict governess, the brat sent her room, and dozens of other variations.

These are imaginary stories that satisfy a deep, psychological need to be punished, a context for the infliction of an enjoyable level of pain, in order to satisfy deeply private masochistic tendencies. 

So show me a good girl,

and I’ll lift her veil…

and show you someone

very naughty indeed…