A joy of roleplaying is revisiting and eroticising past experiences that we missed the chance to eroticise first time around.

Perhaps we weren’t brave enough, or too wary of getting caught.

That romantic dinner where you were going to tell her to slip off her panties.

Or events that weren’t sexual at the time, but now looking back, and rendered by your sexual imagination, now seem unavoidably erotic.

Like that time you were alone with a teacher in detention that afternoon. Nothing happened of course, but all these years later you’re still imagining what might have happened had your school still believed in spankings.

Or we might think back to our most cherished sexual memories. You might wish you’d been stricter with a former lover, grabbing their wrist and putting them over your knee. Or wish a lover had been stricter with you, and smacked your bottom until it was deliciously sore, before you got the fucking of your life. But it never quite worked out.

Fantasies are an opportunity to play out an alternative reality that never existed. It’s never too late. We don’t need to pine after past lovers, or lament missed opportunities, what we desire we can always recreate, alone – or with a new lover, in the here and now.

We can dress up, and play detention in the privacy of our homes. That salacious dinner date can occur in your own dining room. You can bump into your lover in a bar, pretend you’re meeting for the very first time, and fuck wantonly in a hotel room an hour after saying hello.

I write these stories not just to arouse, but to provide inspirations. Scenes an erotic tourist might enjoy visiting. Settings you might like to incorporate into your own play, be that a strict school, a Christmas Party, a Regency manor or a medieval castle.

Never feel regret for sexual opportunities that escaped you. Preserve your intimate memories, and cherish those personal treasures, because they unique to you, and will fuel your very own fantasies. Do not despair, new characters will step onto your stage – and then, you will be ready to play.

And it will be astonishing.