Spanking with others is wonderful.

After all, shame and embarrassment are important factors in any good spanking, and they’re only amplified by being punished in front of others.

I know many fantasise about being in detention with other girls.

For a start, there’s the thrill of being dressed up, knowing your fate, and waiting your turn. Those who like to be spanked also like watch the humiliation of others. How they tingle when it’s others’ turn to bend over, gawping as their skirts are raised, and their panties lowered. They like to see their classmates’ bare bottoms, and the little slit hidden in between.

Those in detention find themselves trembling with excitement as they watch others being spanked. Experiencing each smack vicariously, feeling each echo between her own legs. Perhaps each girl should really be writing her lines, or composing her essay, but she can’t help sneaking a peek, glancing forwards to the pinkening cheeks of her classmate.

Then afterwards, that climactic moment of eye contact with the girl who’s just been spanked. The one that says: that was agony! But also: that was amazing! And also: it will be your turn soon.

And you know exactly how much she’ll enjoy sitting on her sore stinging bottom, as you receive the same discipline she so stoically received. You know you’ll have to suppress your struggles, how you’ll have to struggle to retain control of yourself, not wanting to disgrace yourself, such would be shame of crying or kicking like a silly little girl.

Such is the joy of social spankings. Each so much more than just a short trip over the knee for a smacked bottom. This is an erotic group drama, extended, enriched and prolonged by every girl that sits alongside you. No wonder misbehaviour at this school is never banished, and the detention room always seems so well-attended.

I should really run some more group detentions. Perhaps those who fantasise about such situations should straighten their uniform, and knock firmly on my study door…