I think most people have a preference for what they find physically attractive. But it’s typically a range of characteristics rather than strict set of specific criteria. It’s unhealthy to consider other human beings as products, defined by their measurements.

People have hidden dimensions, facets that aren’t measured in centimetres. I have tried to be open-minded throughout my life, and have been rewarded with relationships with wonderful people.

The world has an adult population of 4.3 billion. That’s over 2 billion individuals of each gender, of every shape and size, (and if you’re bi, you get to choose from the whole lot). Somewhere in that gigantic thrumming crowd of humanity is not just someone who believes you’re just their type – there’s likely to be millions of them.

But physical attractiveness is only part of the story. In time you’ll come to realise some characteristics are much rarer, and much more important.

And that’s why I’ve come to realise that it is those who like spankings, who like fantasising about spankings, and who like experiencing spankings – they are the precious individuals who are just my type