A naughty girl who breaks her disciplinarian’s rules should always admit her wrong-doing.

Perhaps you need to refresh yourself on why we are strict with you, why we set rules and and why we pull down your panties.

We disciplinarians ask for very little apart from your obedience. We set your rules for your own good, because we know you need limits, we know you crave structure.

We expect you to be a good girl. Not a perfect girl, but a good girl. One who is honest about her behaviour, and who understands that punishment is the price for rule-breaking. And one who will accept whatever punishment is decided, contritely and willingly.

A bad girl is a dishonest girl. Bad girls don’t deserve the privilege of someone strict to look out for them.

So, I expect you to send Miss a message confessing your misbehaviour, and in it, I expect you to include a link to this post. Even if she’s a thousand miles away, you are still subject to her rules, and she can decide on the punishment you deserve. 

Perhaps she’ll get you to spank yourself, or have you sit on your bare bottom and write a long essay on honesty and the importance of rules.

And by the end, I’d expect you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes to be a good girl, and a much greater appreciation of the strict lady who cares enough about you to spank your bottom…