It seems it isn’t just a bright red bottom and mascara-streaked cheeks that you crave, it’s getting caught. So, perhaps it’s time to lay a trail of clues, slowly escalating your jeopardy, until being discovered is inevitable.

Step 1 of getting caught, leaving stories open to be found, but that’s quite subtle and easily overlooked.

Step 2 might be to put a post-it note on the page of a dictionary that contains the definition of “spank”. You could write the url of this site on the note, and see if she notices you name on this post.

Step 3 might be sending her links to your favourite spanking stories, and innocently commenting: “you might like this”. Whilst you’re wearing punishment panties pulled up tight.

Step 4 might be pleasuring yourself whilst she’s nearby, where there’s a risk of her walking in and catching you.

Step 5 is sending her a full and frank confession, as described in this post.

Escalate slowly, keep dropping clues, and you won’t have to wait long for the sore red bottom you crave…