You’re not alone, I hear of this awkwardness regularly.

My top tip is to think of self-spanking as just another kind of masturbation, but with smacks rather than strokes. That means engaging your main sexual organ (the one between your ears), and getting into the right mood before a single smack lands on your cheeks.

Ask yourself:

  • Why are you being spanked?
  • What’s the fantasy you’re imagining yourself part of?
  • Who are you imagining spanking you?

Hear their voice in your mind. Imagine them telling you to pull down your panties.

The activities listed within the Guide to Self Spanking are intended to help readers construct and explore their own fantasies. Get good at that first, practice bending over, touching your toes or across a chair, or lying on your bed with a pile of pillows beneath your hips.

Before a self-spanking, boys should be hard, and girls soaking wet. If you’re not sufficiently aroused, you have more imagining to do. Read a story if you need to, that’s what they’re intended for.

Then, slowly, you can begin to add actual spanks to your fantasy. If you’re struggling to take the initiative, many have found the approach described in The Proper Way to Watch a Spanking Video very helpful. Namely, when someone on screen gets spanked, you get spanked too.

Self-spanking isn’t just about smacking your own bottom, it’s about creating your own immersive fantasies, with you safely in control. Do it right, and you’ll find you don’t even have to smack that hard.

Remember, the buttocks only appear to feel a spanking, where it’s really experienced is inside your head…