A naughty girl who comes without permission forfeits the privilege of touching her slit.

Say that aloud, ten times.

Every day for a week, you will kneel in front of a mirror, and recite your punishment statement, slowly and clearly, until your cheeks flush, and burn with embarrassment.

During this week you will be expected to keep your mound and slit shaved bare, smooth and sensitive. You will not be allowed to edge, or in any way physically pleasure yourself.

For accountability, maintain a document in something like Google Docs. After reciting your lines, write a new paragraph that states whether you obeyed the rules of your punishment during the last 24 hours, and refrained from touching. There should also be brief description of how you’re finding your period of abstinence, and a thank you to show you appreciate the disciplinary regime to which you’re subject.

Then once your week has been served, you may send me your confession.

I do hope you’ll learn your lesson.

Because next time, it will be a fortnight.