Bottom-wiping can be a very satisfying part of any spanking activities.

As those waiting for my attention are often soaking wet, what better way to start than with a cool dry tissue on the bare mound, pinching back the hood before descending the length of the slit. Linger at the entrance of the vagina, circling to collect the wetness, before proceeding to wipe the damp tissue around the bottom hole.

Dirty bottoms get lengthier, more humiliating punishments.

Wiping as she is bending over with bottom bared, waiting for her spanking can be very effective. An alternative is to have her lie on her back, lifting her legs right up to ensure everything is properly exposed.

As for stories about wiping, Abstract Art is probably the best.

I don’t think I’ve written much on diapering, but you might find some ideas in the Wet Panties games. For those who’d like to try this, you can create your own training pants by placing a small folded towel or flannel inside your panties.

Wetting incidents can then be followed up by a thorough washing, a wiping, and an inspection (see here for those with a vulva) (or here for those with a penis). You might also like to add a bottom inspection and a spanking, if additional disciplining is required.