I don’t think anyone has ever masturbated to the thought of being assigned more homework.

That would be a very niche kind of erotica, I’m not sure how much demand there’d be for it.

But you make an interesting observation.

In reality, I hope all here agree that spanking is an activity to be enjoyed between consenting adults. Yet whilst we’d be horrified if teachers actually did use physical force against their pupils – many of us quite like the idea of being held to account by some strict academic authority figure, and rather fancy being in the imagined pupils’ quaking shoes.

That’s because I believe a large number of those who read this blog are what I call The Naughty Well-behaved. Genteel individuals who’ve spent their lives studiously obeying the rules, which just makes their secret fantasises of transgression and punishment even more erotic.

In their fantasies, they crave someone strict to tell them to bend over.

To pull down their panties.

To scold them for their naughtiness.

To spank their bare bottom until it’s hot and pink.

And if there’s lines to be written, what better way to write them than sitting on  sore spanked cheeks…