I wonder, are you referring to the following paragraphs from Sandalwood and Ginger?

… Afterwards he helped me to my feet and pulled up my pyjamas, and I retook my place beside him on the sofa, my sore spanked bottom smouldering underneath. I listened in stunned silence as my parents begin to spill my childhood secrets, revealing all the naughty things they could remember me doing. At this point Adrian took out his phone and, to my horror, started making notes. By the end he was promising that I’d be soundly spanked over the coming months for my past misdemeanours.

Rather than complain about this long-deferred retribution, I decided to hold my tongue and found myself wondering what would happen if parents really did keep a naughty book of each child’s misbehaviours. After all, there would be no need to spank a child if you could warn them that they’d pay the penalty for their misdemeanours when they were all grown up.

When would be the right time to open that naughty book? Perhaps when the son or daughter prevailed in that ultimate rite of passage: meeting someone and falling in love? Perhaps that’s when the naughty book would be finally be opened, handed over like some kind of heirloom, or a dowry. It could be exchanged at weddings, the transgressions of the bride and groom. Young children might not understand, but teenagers certainly would. I pondered how that might change teen behaviour, knowing a future soulmate might eventually discover all their laziness, brattiness and intransigence.

By the sound of it, my own future would be featuring bottom warmings I’d earned by sins committed long ago…

Just imagine if all pupils had to keep A Naughty Book.

All their little schemes, tantrums, deceits and misdemeanours, recorded for posterity. Until they meet someone strict, who’ll take care of their posterior.

I like that notion a lot. I poured a lot of great writing ideas into Sandalwood and Ginger. It really was a delight to write.

Best of all, a Naughty Book could be started at any age. A new year fast approaches, the perfect time to start keeping one. Imagine keeping a diary of rule-breaking and mischief, all your dreams, desires and fantasies.

Until one day, someone strict will begin to read its pages, and in doing so, begin to read your very soul…