Daddy Christmas is coming soon

Red coat, black boots and wooden spoon

At the foot of my bed I’ve left his treats

A drink, a carrot and some sweets

A carved finger of ginger also exists

Just in case I’m on his naughty list

But Daddy Christmas, I’ve been so good!

And done everything a good girl should

Between my legs I’m smooth and bare

You can inspect me on the spanking chair

Oh Daddy Christmas please!

Warm my bum against the winter chill

Let me feel that tingly visceral thrill

Of your firm hand across my cheeks

I only wish it lasted weeks

Spank me under the twinkling lights

I so wish you’d visit every night

Spank my bare bottom until I glow

I need this like you’ll never know


Daddy Christmas! 

Here so soon!

Standing in my own bedroom!

You’ve caught me with my fingers wet!

Yes I know what naughty girls must get

Oh Daddy Christmas

Please make my naughty bottom red

I kneel face down upon my bed

Bare bottom raised with legs well spread

Salacious thoughts buzzing through my head

A wooden spoon against my bum

My festive fun has just begun




@spankingtheatre 2019

Wishing you all love and every happiness!