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January 2020

Am I the only one that gets turned on by the thought of being forced to get an injection in the bottom? Preferably after being spanked into submission

On the contrary, I know many who have quite a taste for medical fetishes.  Rectal temperature taking and enemas are very popular, as are gynaecological inspections.

So the prick of a pin or a needle (since if you’re playing, it doesn’t even have to have a syringe attached) into a freshly spanked bottom seems like quite an erotic combination to me…

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Recently, I’ve been been talking with friends about how they got into kinky play, and how important a few supportive, non-judgemental friends were in their own journey of exploration. How valuable it was to have open-minded friends who didn’t kink-shame or recoil with horror when novices were brave enough to finally whisper the tamest details of their most secret fantasies.

How vital some form of acceptance was in establishing and developing their own sexual confidence.

Which got me thinking, I wonder how many of my own readers have experienced have had the subject of kinky play come up when talking with a friend?

Perhaps she’s casually mentioned how delightfully strict someone seemed, or lowered her voice to whisper to confess how a smack to her bottom once really made her feel.

Did you tell her it was OK?

Did you admit you felt the same way?

Or did you shyly murmur mock surprise?

Or did you say, there’s this blog I read, full of stories… you might like it too…

I wonder, how many have shared one of these stories with a friend? And what happened next.

I’d love to hear your experiences…

If someone is nervous about sending you a private message because she will no longer remain anonymous, what is your response to her? Lol (it’s me, I’m someone)

I take the right to privacy very seriously, and so I treat any messages received in the strictest confidence. So the worst thing that could happen would be your message might make you blush pink and very squirmy indeed…

Naughty Game #23: Chastity Belt

Previous naughty games are here.

game involves creating a home-made chastity belt from whatever belts
you happen to possess. This requires a minimum of two belts, ideally one
of which should be a leather belt, as those tend to feel better pulled
tight between your lips (see this image).

See an example of this kind of Chastity Belt here (Tumblr won’t permit it).

Like all good chastity belts,
the one described here will help keep
your wandering fingers out of mischief. It’s particularly useful for
those who have be instructed by their disciplinarian to abstain from
masturbation. Or those without who want to experience the joys and
frustrations of erotic denial. With the added bonus that it also leaves a
delightful pink strip between the legs
when removed.

How to Create your Chastity Belt

Start by shaving your mound and slit bare, your belt works best when your skin is sensitive and flush with its surface.

its simplest arrangement, a chastity belt consists of two belts. A
horizontal belt that will circle your waist, and a vertical belt that
with pass between your legs, running from just above your mound to just
above the top of your bottom crevice.

To do this, thread the horizontal belt through the buckle of what will be the vertical belt (preferably a leather one).

you can tie the horizontal belt around your waist, just above your
hips, and move the vertical belt along so it lies between your bottom
cheeks. Then take the free end of the leather belt and pass it between
your legs, pulling it tight until it presses against your slit. Most
belts will part your labia majora, but if its thin enough it should be
able to part your inner lips too, so they lie on either side of the

Then the free end of the vertical belt can be passed up
and over the first belt at your waist. Now the vertical crotch belt can
be tugged tight and tied around the waist-belt.

If you want
an even more secure feeling experience, a third belt can also be affixed
around your hips, just beneath the first. Its role being to
place pressure on your mound, and keep the vertical belt in place, and
ensure your movements do not allow it to slip from between your tender

A third belt also helps press the buttocks together which is helpful if the belt is worn in conjunction with a butt plug.

When to wear your Belt

Your belt can be worn when your disciplinarian tells you to.

can also wear the belt when your feel your own resolve not to touch
yourself faltering, when a barrier of any kind is necessary to keep you
from masturbating.

The bold can also wear the belt under
loose fitting clothes, and go out in public with the strap tight between
their folds. Her every footstep serving as a reminder of her
disciplinary predicament. Feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment of
having to be put into the belt, of her reaction to the sensations she
feels, and most of all the embarrassment by how aroused the belt is
making her feel.

And there lies the delicious paradox of the
Chastity Belt, that in time it makes her want to rub herself even more
than before…

So this is quite an awkward ask, and I would admit that it took loads of bravery on my part to post this – I’m generally very private. I’ve recently done the inspection for girls, trying to explore more of myself. However – and I shall remind you again of this awkwardness – I am not able to locate my clit. I’ve tried googling it for “tips” but I still could not find it. Am I an oddity? What and how would I locate it?

This is not a silly question at all.

The clitoris is typically not difficult to locate, being a little sensitive bump just above where your inner labial lips meet, and above the opening from which you pee. I say typically, because vulvas come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to external anatomy there’s no such thing as typical.

From the sound of it, I suspect the reason why you might be having trouble finding your clitoris is not because you’re looking in the wrong place, but because it’s obscured by the clitoral hood that fully covers it.

Some people call this a “hooded clitoris” – which is a bit of a misnomer, as all clits have a hood, it’s just that for most the hood partially covers the little bump, and the hood can be easily tugged back to reveal the clit in its entirety. If the hood doesn’t retract fully, you’d never able to actually see your clitoris, although you could be able to feel it if you rubbed the right place.

There’s a couple of well-written articles on the subject of hooded clitorises, which I’d highly recommend.

I appreciate what you’ve said about being very shy, but if you do have concerns, a medical or sexual health professional should be able offer advice. You could mention it if you happen to have a gynaecology examination in the near future.

But rest assured, you’re not an oddity.

This is a strange as – but is it weird that I fantasize being bathed? Not romantically, more like I’m forced into a bath and scrubbed clean, soap is forced into mouth, into my anus, and into my vulva and I’m scrubbed until there’s a foamy lather and I’m squeaky clean

No, I don’t think that’s weird at all.

I know many who fantasise about enforced cleanliness. Like being dragged to the bath by a strict nanny, governess or babysitter. Perhaps they’ve been caught playing with themselves, and their sordid filthiness must be cleansed, prior to a good hard spanking.

Often fantasies are reactions against formative experiences. Like being brought up in a spotless environment, and being expected to keep oneself clean at all times. The erotic mind repurposes this restrictions, imagining the arousingly humiliating consequences of breaking such rules.

Hence the erotic attraction of wetting your panties, or wiping your bottom.

The warm, soothing waters of a private bathroom are where many first learn to masturbate. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the bath is a site of immense erotic significance for many, and that some might find it very exciting indeed to fantasise about dirtying themselves, and being forcefully made clean…

ginger oil

Was that really a question, anon? Or a just reminder to add it to your shopping list?

You must be referring to Gingerol, a chemical compound found in fresh ginger. Chemically, gingerol is a relative of capsaicin and piperine, the compounds that give chillis and black pepper their spicy kick.

Being an oil, it’s solubility in water is quite low. So making your own ginger oil from a fresh ginger root would require steeping the shredded root in another oil (like olive oil), probably for an hour in a pan of boiling water to increase its solubility. Once cooled, you can filter the ginger shreds from the oil through a strainer, and transfer it to a bottle for safekeeping.

Or you could buy the oil ready-made in a health shop, though this is likely to be even more concentrated, and probably intended for aromatherapy rather than contact with the skin.

And why would you bother?

Well, those who have read the post about Figging with Ginger might be curious to experience the sensation themselves. And an alternative to using a whole root is to apply some ginger oil to a sex toy like a vibe, butt plug or dildo. Which does away with the need for all that carving, and allows you to sprinkle in a few drops of ginger heat whenever you play.

Just be aware, ginger is strong. Like capsaicin high concentrations can burn you, which isn’t going to pleasant in tender intimate places. So if you want to experiment, start with miniscule amounts. And build up as your familiarity increases. I’d be interested to hear readers’ own experiences.

Better living through chemistry…

I dont know if u ever answered something like this before, but do u have any advice on getting over a dom/domme after a breakup? I feel like i cant enjoy porn because of it. Thank u if u do answer this!

Breakups are, alas, an unavoidable fact of life.

They can be more painful than the very worst flogging, and result in feelings of loss that are akin to grieving. We are social animals, and we feel the loss of companionship acutely. 

Yet without breakups, we would never develop as individuals. We’d pair up with the very first person who was vaguely compatible with us, and we’d stay together until the bitter end.

But that’s to ignore the fact that people change, circumstances change, and preferences change. The forces of attraction that bring two people together, overcoming our natural individualism and suspicion of others, do not last forever. That is basic neurochemistry. You can not change this.

Although viscerally painful now, time will heal, and you’ll come to realise the break is a gift. A liberation. A chance to encounter wonderful new people. And enter new, more fulfilling relationships, with the benefit of the wisdom and  emotional maturity setbacks bring.

Time, not porn, is the salve you need. Porn is simply a dopamine hit, a distraction. Like all mood-enhancing drugs it will mask the pain, but not remedy the cause of your hurt.

The cure is understanding. To mentally reframe the breakup as an opportunity. To embrace your own individuality and give yourself permission to explore wonderful new possibilities.

And outside, there are a billion souls waiting patiently to meet you. And out there, extraordinary new adventures await…

As a follow up to the spanks between the cheeks. What about the bottom hole itself? Is that dangerous. There’s one girl that I’ve seen get the spoon there and that can’t be safe. Can it?

Unless the implement used is very narrow, most smacks aimed at the bottom hole will tend to impact on the innermost part of each buttock, just above the hole itself. Which might be what you’ve seen in videos.

If you are spanking the bottom hole, the same advice applies as given for pussy spankings – namely smack slowly, don’t use too much force, and the recipient is always in control. Done right, it can be extremely erotic, just don’t spoil the moment by escalating too quickly.

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